There are some pretty cool gadgets out there it’s true, but sometimes you just want something that feels just a little bit closer to nature. JORD is a watch company that is kind of changing the way in which we see watches, and also their necessary materials. 

When you think of watches you wouldn’t normally think of wood as being your go-to material, but there’s something about this JORD watch that feels very earthy and very warm to me. The wood is very soft, and feels great against the skin; it’s been sanded and manipulated in such a way that it doesn’t even feel the least bit scratchy or rough. 
When trying to decide which watch to choose I was overwhelmed with choices I mean there are just so many great colors to choose from (see more here). I eventually chose the Fieldcrest Dark Sandelwood watch because truth me told I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately, and favoring a minimalist approach to dressing; there was also something about the black and brown combo that I knew I could pull it off with anything.  From a little black dress to jeans and t-shirt you really can get a lot of wear out of this piece.
I’m really looking forward to styling this piece with some of my favorite outfits, but I knew I just had to share it with you first! You know in case you’re getting your mind set on going back to school, and/or getting back into the swing of things from being on vacation, and you need a little extra reminder to keep you on time! 
Hope you found this post helpful!

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