As you approach your thirties (and I don’t know anyone who’s about to do that) you need to rethink your skincare routine, as you skin needs different things as you (dare I say it) mature.

I’m just kidding of course blog reader. Aging doesn’t really scare me. I really think that if we take great care of our skin, and maintain healthy lifestyles (drink lots of water) we can all look as amazing as Christie Brinkley well into our sixties (can you believe she’s 61?). 
After receiving an AMAZING facial at The Summit Spa before heading to Toronto fashion week back in March (read that post here) I asked my lovely esthetician (Amanda) what I should consider doing as I get closer to my 30s.  
She suggested of course moisturizing and exfoliating are key (I already do those) with a professional skin care line. I would highly recommend anything sold by Yonka or GM Colin. I’ve tried a lot of their products, and I have really come to love them, and their results. 
What she suggest I do that I wasn’t doing was to incorporate a defense serum into my routine especially before sun exposure. Our skin takes a lot of abuse, and it’s really important we feed it the nutrients it needs to stand up to the task.
Some great products you might want to consider (and I would highly recommend) are from Skin Ceuticals. They are so easy to apply, and instantly absorb into the skin, so it won’t mess you with makeup routine. With a convenient dropper simply apply to your skin before anything else, and you’re good to go!
Products I’m loving right now, and would suggest below! Remember you only need a little bit, so the product will last you a long time.

Serum 10 – to protect against environmental factors (learn more here).  Once absorbed, this serum can’t be washed or rubbed off. It remains
effective for a minimum of 72 hours! Amazing right? 

Blemish and Age Defense which combines both my concerns of having adult acne, and aging! This product is oil free and fights the fomation of acne and minimized blemishes and reduces the signs of aging. This first-to-market acid blend combines 2% dioic acid with an optimal
alpha- and beta-hydroxy acid formulation designed to fight the formation
of acne, minimize pores, and even out skin tone.

Sheer Physical UV Defense – which would be great during summer (and all year round for that matter), but if you don’t like the feel of heavy sunscreens this product could be for you. This transparent, mattifying fluid provides broad spectrum protection
for all skin types (even very sensitive) with 100% physical filters,
transparent titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (Z-Cote®*). Enhanced with
artemia salina, a plankton extract, this lightweight sunscreen increases
skin defenses and resistance to UV and heat stress. The weightless
fluid spreads evenly and dries quickly, leaving no residue.
Resveratrol B E – we know that our skin repairs as we sleep so it only makes sense to apply a concentrate at night to accelerate the heeling process. This antioxidant night concentrate with a maximized concentration of 1%
pure, stable resveratrol, synergistically with 0.5% baicalin and 1%
alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) supports skin’s natural antioxidant defense
system to improve the appearance of radiance and elasticity.
So if you’re looking for a little added defense towards your anti-aging routine I would 100% recommend these products.  I’ve been using the Serum 10, and the Resveratrol B E for the past month, and I AM loving the results. I love the idea that it stays in your skin for 72 hours especially when I’m traveling over night, and don’t have the space to haul my whole medicine cabinet with me. It’s nice to know that I’m covered until I get back, and I don’t need to worry about it too much. 
Once the weather gets a bit nicer and I’m outside a lot more I’ll make the switch to the Sheer Physical UV Defense 🙂 
Hope you found this helpful blog reader! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment below or tweet or instagram me @shortpresents  
xx Short Presents  

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