Feminine with edge, this look was by far my favorite even if I froze my butt off.

FEATURED ITEMS: Tulle Skirt, C’est Moi Crop Top, Necklace, 525 America Fur Vest, c/o Envy Clothing Company. Shoes, and Hand Bag, c/o Nine West Shoe Studio (current). Faux Leather Jacket, Winners. “Classic Sheffield Lady” Watch, c/o Daniel Wellington. Sunnies, Black Market Vintage Clothing. Rings, Claires. Lipstick, Maybelline “Siren in Scarlet”.
Before we get into how cold it was on the last day of Toronto Fashion Week and the fact that I had to purchase some nude tights from the pharmacy (not featured here) we NEED to talk about these pumps from Nine West Shoe Studio. 
I am arguably the WORST when it comes to complaining about my feet hurting in heels. As many people know I have extremely narrow feet which I’m sure you’re thinking oh boo hoo, but you have no idea how much of a challenge this is to wear nice shoes. Quite literally nothing in stores fits me, and if they do I require an entire tickle truck of accessories to keep my feet inside my shoes or from sliding forward and squishing my shoes.
These shoes from Nine West quite literally are the most amazing shoes I’ve ever had on my feet! I wore these shoes twice through out the week, (once with tights and this time with socks) and I not only walked in them all day and all night I literally sprinted in them to get to the tents on time for the first show on Friday, and I had NO troubles. The shoes stayed on, they were pain free, and they looked super cute. They were a huge win for me that I want them to make them in a thousand different colors so I can have them all. 
Run don’t walk you NEED these pumps.
There are so many things I love about this look I don’t even know where to start. I love the texture of this 525 America fur vest (that I named Phillip lol) and also how thin is was because I didn’t feel bulky or like I was wearing a bear. I adored the softness of the skirt both in color and texture (it feels like you’re wearing a cloud). And then this bling though? This necklace is a statement in and of it’s self, and I know it’s going to get a lot of use in my wardrobe. The color of the gems worked perfectly with the fur and the ombre color of my hair. I’m obsessed. 
I know it’s tricky to see in the photo, but the crop top tee (made by C’est Moi) I’m wearing is SUPER comfortable. It’s made from bamboo, and it’s structure and quality is immediately apparent. I can’t wait to wear it ALL summer long.
This purse was also on high rotation during fashion week, it’s black and white look allowed for it to seamlessly fit with all my looks, and I liked that if you flipped it around it’s kind of like you had a completely different hand bag. The size was perfect for toting all my fashion week survival things (protein bar, nikon camera, lipstick, my media pass etc), and its chain added an edgy vibe.

So that’s a wrap guys on all my fashion week outfits! I hope you enjoyed following along; it was bananas how cold it was in Toronto, but having come from Halifax where the snow banks were taller than me it wasn’t that bad. All in the name of style right? If you have ANY questions about my looks from the week please do not hesitate to comment below, tweet or instagram me at @shortpresents! 
Thanks so much for your continued support blog reader! I feel so lucky to have each and everyone of you in my life. 

Short Presents

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