Putting My Best Face Forward With Gentle Touch

I’m really excited about this post blog readers! Recently I went to Gentle Touch located in the Park Lane Mall on Spring Garden Road to receive a Hydrfacial! Can I just start off by saying HOLY SMOKES DID THEY GET A MAKEOVER OR WHAT?! Serious props go out to Kate Kristiansen who designed the inside of the newly relocated spa and laser center because it is PER-FECTION. I love love love the open concept with the front counter, and also the color scheme. I mean who can go wrong with crisp clean white right? It’s so amazing you have to go check it out for yourself ladies: I’m serious. 

I’m almost positive I decided to book my facial on the nastiest day in November, and so when I was offered a cup of tea upon my arrival I was beyond enthusiastic. The
staff at the front desk we super busy which is always a good sign for a business, but I
presume it was partly because of the amazing deal they just had with Teambuy.ca recently! But despite the steady steam of
customers and phone calls the staff were still super friendly, and
conscientious to
those in front of them, and on the phone.

Did I mention that the weather outside was terrible on the day of my facial, or that I had no car to tote myself? Right, so I was freezing my little tail off, and seriously sought refuge in the layers of heated towels and blankets provided! Again Gentle Touch you seriously think of everything! 

So here I am curled up in layers of blankets and towels, and as snug as a bug in a rug not sure what to expect from my facial. Long story short: it was amazeballs! Yes it was that good! I literally felt like all the old gook was being sucked out of my
face. Sorry that description sounds terrible, but I mean it in a good way. 

Afterward I really noticed a difference in the look of my skin, but also in the feel of my skin. I also was very grateful that the esthetician offered some mineral powder to mask some post-facial-redness. Redness is a common occurrence in facials, and you should come to expect it if you ever get one, so I really appreciated the healthy option to cover up before exiting the mall. I’ve had facials before where a light makeup application was not offered, and bracing the elements with a bare face is like walking outside naked! For someone like me who wears makeup everyday; I just can’t do it people. The mineral makeup was a win for me! Thanks Gentle Touch!

If I could
afford it I would be going for facials once a week! Literally they are that amazing! Someday when I’m rich and famous I will have flawless skin!

Honestly I think anyone can benefit from a hydrafacial. Young or old we put our
faces through SO much in the run of a day, and really we need to be good to it or it
will haunt us later (trust me). I know sometimes we don’t always think about
taking the time for ourselves for these kind of things (I know I need
to make more of an effort), but it really is important to slow down every once in a while and just recharge. 

A+ Gentle Touch! 
Thanks so much
Short Presents 

** All photos from this post are credited to Sue Siri of Siri Photography

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