this is a whooooooole lotta outfit.

FEATURED ITEMS: Minkpink Dress: c/o Sweet Pea Boutique (sold out, but also available online here). Jeans, c/o Marshalls. Pineapple Shirt, J. Crew. Shoes, c/o Nine West Shoe Studio. Rings, Claries. Earrings, Shop For Jayu. Nails, OPI “Coca Cola Red”.  Photos c/o Mo (Lion-Hunter Blog).

When the sun is finally shining (but the wind is still cold, and you’re sick as a dog), and you JUST want to wear a dress; sometimes you decide that you’re just done with winter and you are not going to compromise anymore. Recently I was attending some local style events here in the city, and I REALLY wanted to wear this dress (I mean look at it? so cute right?), but the wind was too cold to wear bare legs and with a stupid cold I just couldn’t muster up the energy to brave the wind.
In order to make sure I got my way I said to myself, screw it I’m wearing the dress, and I’m just going to layer it over a blouse, and jeans, and call it a day. It’s not my best look, but at least I was warm and comfortable! At this point if I want to wear a dress gosh darn it I’m just going to wear a dress!

If you’re thinking about mixing prints just be sure to keep the colors in the same family, and ideally you don’t want to do more than three at a time. Even though these prints are VERY different you’ll notice that they both include all the same colors, so it passes the test. Also you want to make sure that one print is bolder than the other, so here the dress is much louder and the graphics are larger than the pineapples on the blouse, but because the colors are similar it works! I almost wore a white and powder blue striped shirt as well which would have worked too, but I thought the pineapples were more fun.  Any excuse to wear pineapples right?

What do you think blog reader? Fun or crazy? maybe a little bit of both?
Hope you have a great weekend! 

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In case you missed it here’s my tv segment for CTV shot at Sweet Pea Boutique

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