It takes a village blog reader. When it comes to fashion week you really want to
look your best, and not having to worry about your hair and nails is
key. In an effort to put my best self forward I enlisted the help of Spirit Spa here in Halifax. 

you’re as busy as I am, and when you are about to embark on a bonkers
adventure that is fashion week you really do rely on the help of others.
Could I have done my nails myself? Yes, but would they look as good or
last as long? Not even close.  

This majorly intense winter
we’ve been having here in Halifax has definitely taken its toll on my hair and nails
blog reader. Seated in the chair in front on the mirror it suddenly
occurred to me just how long it had been since I had last gotten a trim.
Did you know that when your hair is healthy that’s when it grows? Seems
odd to snip your hair to make it grow, but makes sense to keep it
healthy and happy if you want it to live long and prosper. 

any vacation or trip I do like to step it up even just a little.
There’s something about getting a pedicure that makes me feel like I am
on my “A” game. And with a week full of fashion shows, after parties, and
appearances I knew that opting for the shellac manicure was instantly a
great idea. 

If you’ve not heard of shellac nail color its a gel nail
treatment that lasts much longer than regular nail polish and really has
a nice finish. It is a bit different to remove, so don’t expect to use
your regular polish remover you’ll need to soak the nails in acetone.
Shellac does dry out your nails a bit more than regular polish as you do
need to apply solutions that dry the nail (so it sticks), but as long
as you remove the polish after a week or so (or when it starts to chip)
you should be okay. Just make sure to give your nails a break after, so
they can breathe. 

For my nails I really wanted
a shade that was almost nude, but still had a slight pink undertone. In true
Kayla fashion I debated over the color for an uncomfortably long time. My esthetician was amazingly patient and actually a joy to chat to I
ended up deciding on the shade “Fantasy” and I could not have been more
happy with the end result. I hadn’t planned all my outfits for fashion
week at that point and I really didn’t want to be limited by my polish
choice. I loved the color and I would 100% choose it again. 

my toes (and a pedicure is so much more than a polish application) I
really struggled with my decision. Because I was using regular polish
there were SO many choices. Usually I have a game plan, but I’d been so
busy planning and working towards fashion week that I really didn’t have time to think about it. I end up
debating for the better part of a half hour while she scuffed off all my
callouses from dance (ah-mazing). I decided on a orangey/coral shade
just to be a bit more daring since I went very basic with my nails.  I wish it had been warm enough to have my toes out, but it just wasn’t the reality. I still felt great knowing that there was nothing embarrassing going on inside my shoes :):) 

Because I wear my hair both straight and curly, and for a girl who has fine wavy hair (that falls heavy) it’s REALLY important that my hair stylist understand this fine balance and add a lot of texture (hello thinning sheers) to the bottom of my hair to avoid any added bulkiness :):) 

If you’re on the
hunt for a hair stylist blog reader and you live in the Halifax area, Sam Dagnall is your girl. You might
remember that her and I lobbed off my hair to donate it to locks for
love last year. She’s so sweet and I just love sitting in her chair. I would
highly recommend her; I always trust she will do a great job.

Overall I had the best afternoon at Spirit Spa,
and after it taking 45 minutes to walk to work after the massive snow storm we got a couple weeks ago (when it usually takes
me ten), and having fallen down directly in front of the entrance to work (because there was no
salt laid out) I was SO in need of a quiet and relaxing experience. 
From the heat wraps to
the warm tea I felt totally zen while receiving my treatments at Spirit Spa. I was also very
impressed that the sound from the hair salon didn’t transfer at all to
where I was receiving my mani/pedi. 

Everyone at the Sprit Spa was more than
accommodating, and beyond nice. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and felt more than taken care of.

Thanks so much to the team at Spirit Spa
for getting me fashion week ready, but mentally and physically! I appreciate it more than you know.
Major thumbs up for these guys blog reader. Don’t think just do it :):)

x Short Presents  

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