As you know blog reader I LOVE the Savour Food and Wine Show! I love it so much that I even took a break from my pre-beach vacation healthy eating to attend :):) And attend I did. I was all in, so much so that I ate myself into an oblivion but it was magical. There’s a reason why I say this is the best food event of the year.

As a quick heads up I will worn you that the lighting inside the event was IMPOSSIBLE. I managed to snap some of these photo, but just don’t mind the ones with with some disco lighting haha ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not the best behind the camera, and besides my hands were too busy stuffing my face to concentrate on camera settings (as if I know what they are).
With my media badge, and my camera in tow I made my way through the wonderland of tastes and flavors that is, the Savour Food and Wine Show. 
Truth be told I ate myself into a coma. I tried as much as I could to eat something from each of the vendors, but despite my best efforts I tapped out early (I know I’m embarrassed too). I persisted to rub my expanding stomach as I tried to walk it off, but alas I just couldn’t do it. There were a couple of things I missed out on that I immediately regretted after scrolling through my instagram the next day, but such is life. So much food to eat and so little time. 
However! Here are some of favorite things I ate ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Scanway Donuts! I mean I had you at donuts right? These little peanut butter donuts were SO good, and had I not been working towards my “beach body” for Mexico I would have 100% swiped some to take home with me.
Duck Poutine! I mean really how could you not? With the addition of the french fried onions this was AH-MAZING and probably my favorite dish of the night. A little salty for my taste (I’m the one weirdo who usually asks for no salt on my French Fries), but still very VERY delicious, and I really enjoyed the added crunch of the onions.
These little sandwiches from Bistro By Liz were REALLY good, and I LOVED the spicy mustard that accompanied them. Honestly I think this restaurant is seriously underrated in the city. The food is always great and the prices are super affordable! I LOVE this place, and Liz is absolutely adorable.
I love the Five Fisherman, I love it so much that I went there for my birthday, but I was kind of disappointed with their dish this year. I liked the salty bacon jam with the potato mash and lobster, but I felt like their second dish was really lack luster for this kind of event. While I REALLY loved the scallops (cooked to perfection) I felt like the pancake and mint sauce we really kind of bland. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it was because I was eating it after the very flavorful maple bacon, or because the little pancake part was cold, but it was just okay for me.  
If you haven’t been to Tess yet you really need to make a point to visit them. EVERYTHING I’ve ever eaten there has been amazing, and this gluten free, dairy free cake was no exception. Anyone can make a cake taste good with milk, eggs, and butter, but with black beans? That takes skill! You would never know that this cake was any different for any other ordinary cake. Well done Tess! I loved this dish! And thanks to HaliFood blogger Laura for sharing a piece with me ๐Ÿ™‚
Now you really can’t go wrong with a burger on a pretzel bun, but throw a peanut butter cream cheese into the mix and you got yourself a massive line up! Rock Bottom Pub seriously had a steady line up the entire night, and it’s largely in part to these super yummy burgers (and their delicious IPA). Can I just add that the pickle was a major win for me?
Hope you enjoyed this Savour Food and Wine Show recap and let it be known that the choice to wear elastic waisted pants was the best decision I’ve made in long time.
 Hope to see you there next year.
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