Who doesn’t love a good sale? I know I personally love scoring a good deal, especially this time of year when we just spent all our money on gifts for Christmas. Currently MicMac Mall is running a REALLY fun contest, and I got a chance to get in on the action.

If you follow me on instagram, twitter, and facebook you’re probably curious as to what I was up to at Micmac with all those photos I was posting. Well it just so happens that I was pulling some fun sale looks for their Price Check Contest (see full details on how you can enter below).

So If you happen to be in the area make sure to check in to see what I put together. With eight full outfits and pulls from stores like Jack & Jones, West 49, Boathouse, Aeropostle, and American Eagle each day there will be two new mannequins (one male and one female) on display in the mall that were styled by yours truly (YAY), and bonus everything on them and I mean EVERYTHING is on sale (and in the mall) and you could win the value of their looks by entering their Price Check Contest.

The photo above features a behind the scenes look at two (out of eight) outfits I pulled for the Price Check Contest, one from Jack and Jones, and one from The Gap. I adore both these looks because they are not super fussy, and all of these pieces can easily be paired with other clothes in your wardrobe, and their are on sale! Woo!
I love this navy blue sweater (On Ruby, yes I gave her a name lol) from The Gap with its sliver flecked detailing that works perfect with these gray cords and layered over top their super cute sparkle t-shirts! The plaid coat is a a major win in my books; it’s plaid (which we all know I’m obsessed), but it’s also just a great way to make a statement out on the street without having to worry too much about what’s underneath. Currently at The Gap they are offering an additional 40% off their sale items, so if you love these pieces as much as I do you should probably run not walk to The Gap. 
These jeans from Jack and Jones (On Thomas, he looks like a Thomas right?) are their number one seller for men, and there’s no question why. These jeans are so soft, and look and feel great. The color is also a great in between they are not too dark or too light, and so if you’re a dude who’s job forces him to get a little messy then these jeans are perfect because no one will be wiser. Pairing a great pair of jeans with a plaid shirt (tucked in) over a great white shirt (this tee is amazing for layering it has a bit of stretch in it and really feels nice against the skin) is really a no brainer and a great look that you don’t need to think about too much. In addition to the sale at Jack and Jones they are also offering a 25% off discount, so now is definitely a great time to get your hands on some great denim.
All the items are on sale, and there’s some bonkers deals in stores right now. If you happen to be in the mall today and you see these mannequins on display feel free to enter the contest below. You could win up to $150 dollar gift card to do some shopping for yourself! For full contest details see below 🙂

I had so much fun visiting all the stores and hand picking these looks! And I spent so much time getting up close and personal with these mannequins that I felt like I needed to give them some names. I was thinking about Thomas and Ruby? What do you think lol? 

I digress lol Like I mentioned before there were so many sales, and so there was plenty to choose from in terms of looks, but I really think you’ll like the outfits! Make sure to keep checking back because we’ll be changing the mannequins daily with all new fresh looks each day while the Price Check contest is running. 

Happy Thursday! And Good Luck! 
x Short Presents 

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