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In celebration of MAKE UP FOR EVER’s 30th anniversary, the brand is relaunching its first ever product: eye shadows! And I got a chance to test it out.

With 210 shades consisting of Matte, Satin, Metal, Iridescent and Diamond finishes, the Artist Shadow range is the most extensive range available to consumers. The numbering system used for the range indicates both the finish and the family number that each shade falls into within the Colour Wheel. The Artist Shadow range is available as a single shade, as well as duo and trio palettes—each palette 100% customizable. 
Because I wear bronzey taupey colors on a daily basis I knew I would get a lot of use out of these two shades. The two colors I have here, and have been literally wearing every single day since they’ve been in my possession are “HE- 654” (light brown) and “H-646” (darker shade). 

I used the light shade to cover the lid (just to crease). 

And then used the darker shiny shade in a window wiper motion in the crease of the eye. I’ve also used the darker shade as an eye liner when opting for a smudgey look.

What I love about the Artist Shadow: 

Saturated color – color goes on really well, and I don’t find you need a lot to spread out the color.

Stays put – The color doesn’t flake off, smudge or wear off. I apply my makeup at 6 am, and it lasts all day.

Pretty Colors – There’s so much versatility here, there’s literally got to be something for everyone. I love that they come in a variety of finishes too, so if you’re into matte colors, or iridescent you’re not limited at all.

Easy to apply – no fuss, and the palates are quite big so you can scoop up a lot of shadow for each application. I would also argue that these are going to last you a long time.

Customizable Colors – This is brilliant in my opinion because you can pick and choose which colors you want. If you’re overwhelmed or unsure of what colors you should be wearing simply speak to a make up artist at your local makeup forever store or Sephora, and they’ll hook you up. I also like this because you can swap out the colors and change them up whether just for a change, or for the seasons. love it.

So suffice to say I’m totally into it! Get yours at your local Make Up Forever Boutique, or online at Sephora.ca

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