I’m not going to lie it is pretty rare to see me running in the park, but given that I’m not dancing at the moment (I like to have a carefree schedule in the summer months), and it’s too early (and COLD) to swim I kind of feel like I should be doing SOMETHING for old ticker.

Because I’m a MAJOR clutz. I mean like I can trip quite literally over my own two feet; I like to wear crops while running or being active. Having the pants stop at the knee insures that I won’t hook my foot in the leg, and go belly up in the park (you might laugh, but it’s definitely something that has happened to me).

When I decided to add some more work out gear to my wardrobe I decided to go for one basic pair of black “Icing on the cake leggings“, and then for fun I thought I’d like to try the “marble cut crops” from Jennifer at Silver Icing. I have to say I’m pretty shocked with how much I love these tights! When it comes to working out honestly I think you do what you gotta do to get yourself out the door, and if that’s a cute outfit so be it.

I always get way more excited about heading to the dance studio or to the gym (if I ever go)  when I have a cute outfit. It might sound superficial, but I honestly think when I feel good about what I’m wearing it gives me extra confidence. I love the Silver Icing tights, the fabric is nice and thick (so everything is locked in), but there is also a lot of stretch so they are SUPER comfortable (no muffin top). I love them!

I’M WEARING >> Marble Cut Crops, c/o Silver Icing. Tank, Silver Icing. Kicks, Keds (via Winners). Bralette, c/o Envy Clothing.  Photos by Mo (Lion-Hunter.com)

What’s also cool is that they wick (pull moisture away from the body),
don’t fade, stretch out or shrink. And the best part, they always stay
opaque, meaning they will never go see through on you. So whether it’s
an extra deep downward dog or a dropped fork in the back of the
dishwasher, they’ve got you covered, literally.

If you’re not familiar with Silver Icing and you want to order some something head over to: http://www.silvericing.com/fortmcmurray

First Time Customers can sign up for a 10% discount which is valid
for 72 hours on their first order from Jennifer’s website, by signing up for the
email list. Shipping in Canada is $6.99 for orders under $100 or Free for orders over $100. Shipping to the USA is $9.99 and outside Canada/USA is $14.99 (customer pays any duties/taxes).
You can also host an online Silver Icing Pop-Up Shop
with Jennifer, and she does all the work for you, you invite your friends to come shop, and you
get awesome free and discounted clothing.
Check out Jennifer’s FB page for up to date products and contests!  http://www.facebook.com/silvericing.jennifer.hahn
I love the idea of Silver Icing because you’re directly supporting woman and their small business adventures 🙂  Thanks Jennifer for all the information, and introducing me to Silver Icing. 
Hope you enjoyed this post! 

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*This post was sponsored however all opinions expressed are my own.

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