One of my longest and closest friends is getting married this April to her high school sweet heart, and before sending her off to married life we had to make sure to have one last hurrah for her as a single gal.

Typically the maid of honor is responsible for planning the bachelorette party, but because my girlfriend’s lived out of town I decided I should give her a hand in tackling some of the responsibilities.

Because the ultimate
objective is to give the bride a fun and memorable night, you should
make sure all factors in the party planning process are taken into
consideration. Enclose in this post are some tips and suggestions for throwing the ultimate bachelorette party! Probably goes without saying, but this post is scandalous in nature, so modest readers beware.
If you’re planning a bachelorette party and need some tips look no further I got you covered!  

Put together a killer guest list. Round up all the brides girls from long time friends to coworkers to siblings, and anyone you know is down for a good time.

Plan a date (you might want to consider a date when most of the guest list might be around). You might not want to plan the event around a holiday where people are going to busy with their families.
On that note, notify your party guest early so they can plan to be in town (book off work etc). The more the merrier. 
Come up with a creative party idea. We opted for a little black dress theme, as we figured most girls had a LBD already so it was easy enough, and the bride could stand out in white.
Renting a limo is never a bad idea.  If alcohol is being consumed and you don’t have a DD you might want to consider riding in style by booking a limo. You’d be very surprised how affordable this can be especially if you have a good sized guest list, and everyone is splitting.
Glam up your girl. Make sure you’re gal stands out. We made sure our girl was decked out with a veil (scandal one here), a sash, button, a little poker wand, and marti gras beads. You might also want to consider things like false lashes, and bold lipstick. There’s something about false lashes that says you’re in for a fun night! I love applying them on friend’s for a night out on the town.

Set the stage! If you’re hosting a party you can’t forget the decorations, and the more scandalous the better. There’s something about the hilarious decorations (straws and shot glasses) that sets a tone for the evening, and tells everyone that for next couple hours (or until the wee hours of the next day) things are going to fun, and we’re not going to take ourselves too seriously. I ordered a ton of stuff from bachelorette.com (full list below), and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the items, and they are actually very affordable. If you budget is small, and you can only afford one thing I would strongly encourage the blow up doll. Which we named Peter of course, and I won’t tell you what his last name was, but we brought that dude evvvvvvvvvverywhere with us. From the limo ride to the bar Peter was part of it all, and it definitely made for some hilarious photos. Totally worth it. 

Play some games. Whenever you’re getting a group of girls together it can be kind of awkward especially if some are very shy, or some don’t know each other. Playing games (especially those of the inappropriate variety) is a great way to break the ice. We played a drinking game where the bride was asked questions that were previously answered by her future husband and if she got them wrong she had to have a drink, and if she got them right she could give a drink to one of the party goers.  Sadly for her she got a lot of them wrong. Of course you don’t need to use alcohol if you don’t want to.

Put together a hangover kit. If you’re planning on drinking make sure to take good care of your bride by putting together some essentials for her to cope the next day. Things you might include could be advil (never Tylenol w/ alcohol), Pepto Bismal tablets, Gatorade, munchies, water, and fresh pjs/ sweat pants.

Complete list and links to the items I ordered from bachelorette.com:

http://www.bachelorette.com/bp12772.html (X2)
Inflatable http://www.bachelorette.com/bp4448.html
http://www.bachelorette.com/penis-shot-glasses-6.html – X2

If you’re planning a bachelorette I hope this helps and you have the best time; I knew we did! Stay tuned for more wedding and bridesmaid coverage coming in the next few months.  

Thanks for reading! 
xx Short Presents

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