Interesting pieces, and cool styling? I’m into it. With bold hued leathers from butter yellow to crimson red coupled with strategic sheer and paneled layering, Mackage proves that leather can be a spring/summer trend.

A far cry from last year’s presentation, Mackage’s Spring/Summer 2015 presentation was bright, and bold, and anything from boring. The concept of a thriving metropolis served as a prime source of inspiration for Mackage’s spring-summer collection, and the designers can’t help, but be influenced by their travels: “We go to Paris and it’s minimalist, and then you go to Tokyo and it’s
over the top. So, I think it’s finding the little elements and putting
it together.”
Combining hard and soft, Mackage keeps us on our toes by pairing unconventional pieces together; see tough leathers layered with soft sheer shirt dresses, and then just to make sure it’s extra cool Mackage takes it a step further by adding leather hot pants or a thickly trimmed leather asymmetrical skirt on top of everything (you know just for good measure). “We always love to mix textures and contrast. I think that’s what we’re
known for,” said Dahan. “We love to play with fabrics that you wouldn’t
expect to pair together.”

Hope you enjoyed this recap post! Which piece is your favorite?
x Short Presents 
Thanks so much to my WMCFW sponsors!

*Photos by George Pimentel

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