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What you need to make sure your costume (whatever that is), and makeup are perfect for Halloween! With just a couple of essentials the Halloween world if your oyster (I mean blood sucking goel or whatever people are afraid of these days).

No costume is complete without false lashes I mean that’s why you agree to get dolled up for Halloween right? Well these two products from KISS (available at Target), with it’s natural glue (phewf for contact wearers) and false lashes are perfect for your night out. I promise if applied properly these guys aren’t going anywhere, and depending on how your night turns out you might just wake up with them still on. I mean that’s never happened to me, twice. 
Whatever your costume is you’re probably going to wear make up right? Unless not wearing make up in your costume (haha just kidding). So you’re going to need a really good primer before you pile on all the gook! I adore this primer from Jane Iredale (available at select spas locally in Halifax, or online here), and I’ve yet to find one that rivals it! For someone who breaks out like a maniac, trust this, it won’t break you out.

If you’re dressing up at something Gothic, and I hope you are, you’re going to need a great bordeaux lip. If you’re on the hunt, both for Halloween or otherwise seek none other than Revlon in “black chery”. I adore this lip color, and I keep coming back to it time and time again, and it’s SO affordable. Many thanks to the very nice employee at Shopper Drug Mart who introduced me to this “black cherry” shade many full moons ago. You’ll a doll, and I’m so glad you were working that day! 

Now I’m not normally one for artificial nails, but you probably don’t want ghosts on your hands, after Halloween, so these Impress Nails (available at most drug stores) are perfect. You can apply them literally as you’re going out the door, and then snap them off the next day, or before bed (or not see above false lashes comment).
So that’s it folks, that’s all you need for the perfect building blocks to a great costume. Speaking of which what are you dressing up as? 
xx Short Presents

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  • Reply Kerri F October 16, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    This post reminds me that I reallllly need to figure out what I'm going to be for Halloween. I LOVE Revlon's "Black Cherry"! I've been wearing it none stop the past few weeks now that the weather is cooling down.

    • Reply Short Presents October 28, 2014 at 11:46 am

      Isn't it the best? And so affordable! Have you found a costume yet?

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