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In order to put my best face forward, and after a big move my skin, and nails needed some major TLC before heading to World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto. To get me ready for the week ahead I sought none other than The Summit Spa here in Halifax. My pre fashion week prep included a mani/pedi combo and a Dermasound facial (very cool new treatment offered at The Summit Spa).

Blog reader you know that I’m a dancer, and on top of being a dancer I also made the mistake of painting my new place in my bare feet. Ultimately I gave up on trying to keep them pretty, so I removed my paint stained nail polish, and I just never got around to repainting them. I felt awful because they were a mess. I actually felt embarrassed, and I almost gave myself a pre-pedicure before going, but alas I was just too busy to make it happen.  For my toes I went with a great wine/burgundy color which is a big change from my usual red or pink toes. I loved the shade of burgundy, and honestly I don’t think my toes have EVER looked so good. Thanks so much Patrica you’re a doll. More pics to come!

For details and pricing on pedicures go here: http://summitspa.ca/footcare
I also received the Dermasound facial which is a new treatment coming to The Summit Spa in the coming months, and I was lucky enough to get to test drive the 30 minute version. The Dermasound facial can be combined with a peel, and a series of custom tailored treatments, but given that I needed to be a-okay immediately we decided that the 30 minute version would be my safest bet.

Many of us wish for better skin (myself included), whether in terms of a more youthful
appearance, a smoother surface, or an even skin tone. The Dermasound Facial  is a new skincare system that uses low frequency sound
waves to provide a deeper level of exfoliation and healing, without the
inflammation caused by other methods, and it feels so nice against the skin. It’s definitely not invasive by any stretch, and steps two and three are actually a little warm, so it feels like a massage on your face.

“The Dermasound Facial is a three-step complete facial that uses ultrasound technology:

The first step removes 20% to 50% the outer layer of the skin which
we continuously shed. Ultrasonic vibrations spin the water molecules at
high frequency.  This step gently removes the dead surface skin cells
and deep cleans out follicles without the irritation and inflammation
that is sometimes associated with mechanical methods.

The second step of the Dermasound facial uses the process of
sonophoresis to create pathways through the layers of the skin to
dramatically increase the penetration of treatment products. The
treatment products used during a Dermasound facial are specific to the
results which are sought. That is, the facial can be customized to treat
acne, rosacea, fine lines, discoloration and signs of aging.

The third step of the Dermasound treatment uses microcurrent therapy.
Our cells have a natural electrical charge that can be damaged by the
sun, the environment, and the process of aging. Microcurrent therapy
promotes healing and restores the cell’s normal functioning. It
increases the transport of nutrients to the cells and removal of waste
products. Microcurrent therapy also stimulates the production of
collagen, one of the most important support structures of the skin.

Ultrasonic Dermasound Facial is used instead of or in conjunction with Microdermabrasion” Here’s a great video about the treatment’s feature on the show The Doctors.

For more information on the Dermasound facial make sure to check out the link below: http://www.advancedlaserandskincenter.com/skin-care-and-spa/therapeutic-skin-care/ultrasonic-facials/

you know blog reader I’ve been doing renos, and moving over the past
couple of weeks, and it certainly has wrecked havoc on my nails. And by
havoc I mean my nails literally broke off one by one, and my cuticles were
in major need of some love. I had SO many hang nails, and my nails were
just really really dry. I felt so bad for the esthetician, as I really
put her to work that day. Because I knew I was wearing a lot of red
during fashion week (must be going through a red phase I guess) I decided to go with “Big Apple Red” for my nails,
and I was SO happy with the shade of red: again it was perfect, and the application was seamless.
For pricing or manicure details go here: http://summitspa.ca/handcare

Needless to say I was overwhelmed with my little spa day transformation; I needed this visit in the worst way. The folks at The Summit Spa really know how to make a girl feel like themselves again no matter what kind of state they stumble in. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again but what I love about The Summit Spa is that they carry a very gentle make up line (Jane Iredale) that can be applied post facial. Honestly there’s nothing worse than having your skin sloffed off to only then have to go back out and face the world. I don’t know about you blog reader, but I rarely go bare faced, so even having a little bit of coverage with some blush really goes a long way. 

Patricia was amazing in so many ways, but she was a doll and applied Jane Iredale’s BB Cream, and some blush, and she even went so far as to put on some of their new products. It was fun to see the new collection of eyeshadow (very cute palette), eye liner, and even a little berry hued lipstick. When I say I felt like a new lady I truly felt like a new lady. Having had the best morning at the spa I just had to treat myself to a delicious lunch at Pete’s. If you go make sure to try their grilled chicken panini with grilled veggies and olives with the artichoke paste; it’s SO good.

Also exciting news! For the month of November the Dermasound facial is the featured facial of the month! Meaning that this month the Dermasound is currently marked
down to $50 instead of $80! YAY! More details here >> http://summitspa.ca/new-dermasound-elite-treatment-sensitive-acne-prone-and-aging-skin

Major thanks to The Summit Spa! You’re the best!! Make sure to stay tuned for more photos from fashion week blog reader, and keep up with me on instagram and twitter @shortpresents #kaylandmotaketoronto #shortpresentsXwmcfw

xx Short Presents

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