that I no longer am being carded at the liquor store, as well as the
fact that I have a land mine of gray hair these days I figured I might
as well choose the BC Hair Therapy “Time Restore” which is geared
towards “mature” or fragile hair.

aside I do put my hair through quite a bit of torture, from curling and
styling it, to keeping it tightly wound at dance class: it definitely
could use a little time machine love. Cue the BC HAIRTHERAPY TIME RESTORE (formulated for mature and fragile hair) which also features TIME RESTORE REJUVENATING SPRAY (a
lightweight detangler and volumiser in one). 

Professional is celebrating with the launch of their new BC HAIR THERAPY
Beauty Boxes, available in 5 therapies for multiple hair types! Each kit
comes in a beautiful leather box (seen above) and features a complete system
(shampoo, conditioner, and styling product). 

The BC HAIRTHERAPY Beauty Boxes are available in the following therapies:

HAIRTHERAPY COLOR FREEZE (formulated for colored and highlighted hair)
featuring the COLOR FREEZE GLOSS SERUM, your new BFF for long lasting
color and mirror-like shine! 

BC HAIRTHERAPY MOISTURE KICK (formulated for normal to dry hair) featuring a BB Cream for your hair! MOISTURE KICK BEAUTY BALM the 1-step beautifier for hydrated, shiny hair.

HAIRTHERAPY REPAIR RESCUE (formulated for colored and highlighted hair)
featuring our best selling repair product in Canada REPAIR RESCUE
SEALED ENDS; an intensive nourishing cream for sealing and preventing
split ends.

BC HAIRTHERAPY FIBRE FORCE (formulated to strengthen
damaged, breaking hair) featuring FIBRE FORCE FORTIFYING TREATMENT; this
treatment formulated with Keratin, like those naturally found in your
hair, fills the hair from the inside and strengthens it. It penetrates
deep into the hair and regenerates the inner hair structure.

HAIRTHERAPY TIME RESTORE (formulated for mature and fragile hair)
featuring TIME RESTORE REJUVENATING SPRAY, a lightweight detangler and
volumiser in one! Which is the combo pack that I chose to review.

I chose the BC HAIRTHERAPY TIME RETORE because my hair is super fine,
curly, and limp (at the top), so having a lightweight spray that helps
to volumize while also detangle is like the perfect combo for me.
And it makes sense really, if you think about it, the less you’re tugging to get through your hair the better especially if you’re hair tends to break and fall (as mine does). We want to keep as much of our hair on our heads as we can, am I right? So having a detangler (that also volumizes) is
definitely going to help prevent you from tugging and tugging to get through
those darn tangles while also giving your hair a little boost. It’s a win, win. And I’ve been asking and looking for a product like this FOR EVER. Finally a detangler for grown ups, and I don’t need to purchase a detangler with a whale or some other kind of adorable cartoon on the bottle! yay! 

So needless to say I
adored these products. Initially I was concerned that because it’s a
restorative product that it would be too heavy for my fine and sometimes
oily hair, but it wasn’t at all. The product lathers nicely, and isn’t heavy or thick. I usually can tell if I shampoo is going to work in my hair by its texture, and this one was great. My hair felt great, it was super
shiny, and clean. I find that because my hair is super fine and curly in the
front, and massively heavy in the back it’s tougher to get in
there and get rid of all the gunk (I put into it), but this shampoo cleaned and nourished all at the same time. Love.

Sometimes when shampoos
are designed to “protect” or “restore” hair they can be super think and
heavy in my hair, and a lot of times they just weigh everything down.
I’ve tried similar products before, and I find I’ll come out of the shower worse than when I went in (who wants to wash their hair twice in one day? I’m lucky I do it once a day). 

So heavy and thick is the exact opposite of what I need for my hair, as a lot of my
volume comes from the bottom (oh the triangle look), so I need a
light weight shampoo that cleans my hair while also nourishes, but doesn’t strip my hair
and make it feel straw-like. I know, I know, I’m high
maintenance.  Long story short, my hair felt great (clean
and healthy) without all the heaviness that usually comes along with
these types of products.

I also really like the smell of the products (this is major important to me), the scent is light and fresh, and really quite pleasant. The day I shot these photos for the blog (below) I used the BC Hairtherapy Time Restore products, and I’m not usually one to brag, but don’t you think this hair looks amaze? I was pumped. It was soft, shiny, easy to brush and style, and it looked and felt great all day!

Schwarzkopf Professional BC HAIR THERAPY Beauty Boxes are available as of October 1, 2014, exclusively at Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons for the suggested retail price of $37.95 and $42.90 for the Fibre Force variety.

Also you can feel good about giving these beauty boxes because with your purchase of a BC HAIRTHERAPY Beauty Box, Schwarzkopf Professional will donate a portion of proceeds to their innovative Shaping Futures Initiative. Your gift will help to transform lives through hairdressing, by teaching disadvantaged young adults basic hairdressing techniques in order to give them the opportunity for a better livelihood and future. Bonus!

Hope you found this review helpful. I know Christmas isn’t exactly close, but it’s always good to start planning ahead (at least for your wallets sake). I think these little hair therapy boxes would make a great gift. 

x Short Presents  

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