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Photo source: Glitterary Girl

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the David’s Bridal grand opening with a couple of other local bloggers Mo (Lion Hunter) and Jenn (Glitterary Girl), and we had the best time! Check it out here.

photo source: Glitterary Girl

Complete with a guided media tour, we got the full down low on the new store! With everything from Vera Wang to Melissa Sweet there are so many dresses to choose from, but the staff at David’s Bridal make it super easy! With a wall full of sillouettes, its easy to narrow down a style, and then go from there. Personally I’m so drawn to the lace that I was just in awe at the intricate details. I could spend hours in here!

Photo source: Glitterary Girl

During our visit we also had the opportunity to choose a dress of our own! Complete with dressing rooms with our names on it, we through ourselves into the fitting rooms and did our thing! If you follow me on instagram (@shortpresents) you know that I chose this gorgeous blue/purple dress with beautiful lace detailing on the back! Stay tuned for a shoot featuring this dress coming soon to the blog!

photo c/o lion-hunter.com

While we were in store two girls said yes to the dress, and at David’s
Bridal they have a tradition that once you’ve chosen your dress you get
to ring the bell. At David’s Bridal they say a girl has three wishes, to
find the person they want to marry, and then they find the dress, and
the third wish is for the bride to decide from their wedding day. The
bride doesn’t say the wish out loud, but quietly keeps it to herself,
and once she decides she rings her bell, and of course everyone cries!
Happy tears of course. It was really something to be a part of this for
not only one bride, but two. There wasn’t a dry blogger eye in the

Since I’m a little new when it comes to the whole wedding biz; I really didn’t realize the amount of research that goes into these darling dresses. From the media tour I learned that David’s Bridal does in house alterations, but also they’ve done some major research in the way dresses fit. The folks at David’s Bridal did some major research in what a “typical” size should entail, from the fit in the hips, to the waist, to the bust; they’ve figured out statistically what the measurements usually are, so that minimal alterations need to be made. They realize that people aren’t cookie cutters, so they do offer alterations in house! I will say though that of everything I tried on the fit was amazing! I usually have a hard time fitting both my top and bottom, but everything fit like a glove.

I also learned that David’s Bridal also has their own colors, so you can actually order dresses, and especially bridesmaid’s dresses separately because the color is always guaranteed and you don’t need to worry about the colors being off. Phewf! That’s a relief.

Photo c/o loin-hunter.com

I’ve been to a lot of store openings, and launches, but the folks at David’s Bridal did so well to make us feel welcome and to show us a good time! Thanks so much for having us David’s Bridal you made us feel so special I can only imagine how your brides to be must feel!

x Short Presents

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