Featuring six new limited edition nail lacquers in celebration of
the 50th anniversary of the iconic Ford Mustang vehicles, the collection features a palette of
red, gold, black, pink, white and aqua evokes passion, adventure and
excitement, and I was lucky enough to give them a go! Wanna see?

“Nail colour and the cars we choose to drive are synonymous in
expressing personality, and these bold eye-catching shades are perfect
for summer and anyone who has the need for speed!”
I adore this collection, and all it’s sophistication. All of these
colors are such classics, but are also so sharp. Here’s a peak at all the colors, and in true OPI fashion their adorable OPI names. 
Race Red

Girls like ponies
Queen of the Road

Angel with the lead foot 
OPI, Ford Mustang Collection
50 years of Style
OPI, Ford Mustang Collection
Skys the limit

I started off with the
beautifully fresh white shade with the adorable title “Angel with the
Leadfoot” which if you’ve ever met me I pretty much opperate at about
100 miles per hour (I’m a little hyper haha). I love this shade of white
mostly because it has a great shine to it, its 100% note-able that you
are not wearing liquid paper on your finger nails (like girls used to do
in class in junior high school when they were bored). 

This limited
edition shade is the perfect shade of white it’s not dull, and it’s not
cream either: it’s white. It went on smooth (when you’re painting your
nails white this is very important) and dried quite shiny even without a
top coat. Because it’s white you will need a couple of coats, but it’s
worth it. I’ve only been wearing it for a couple days and I can’t tell
you how many people have stopped me to ask me what brand it was 🙂 I
think with plenty of baby showers and BBQ’s planned this summer I think
this white lacquer is going to spend most of the summer in the driver’s


As an intern hilariously pointed out, I change my nail color like I switch gears! So naturally I can’t wait to try out ALL of the other colors! Especially that “Race Red” which is a great orangey/red (which would appear to be my current color obsession). I might just have to paint to my toes to hold me over.

What do you think blog reader? Which color is your favorite? 

x Short Presents

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