If you follow me on twitter and/or instagram you know that I just recently attended the Savour Food and Wine Show at the Cunard Centre. With all the drool worthy food photos and delectablly taunting tweets blowing up my accounts you are already well aware of how much fun this event was! 
With a plethora of food and beverage choices from all over Nova Scotia I brought a hearty appetite and an open mind. All the vendors at the event did an outstanding job, and everyone I spoke to was having the best time! But there were a few dishes that stood out among the rest, and are imprinted in my mind making everything i’ve been eating since seems just so plain. My top picks of the evening were by far the…

Crab Cakes from The Port Pub and Bistro. The Kettle Corn  Dogs from Oynx! The Croquettes from my girl Maria at Estia Restaurant! And my favorite of all favorites The Scallop Dog prepared by chef Jason Lynch from Le Caveau at Domaine de Grand Pré Winery. I mean what’s not to love this? A scallop hot dog was just sheer genius ! Bravo Sir.

Other honorable mentions should go to the “Disaronno Wild Mule” cocktail serviced by Jeffery Van Horne from The Bicycle Thief! I had to snap a photo of the recipe, so I could attempt to make this myself at home (maybe a potential future recipe post? I think so!). Such a refreshingly spicy, and bitter, and yet sweet deliciousness of an experience! I realize this is not perfect grammar, but there is no sentence structure to support its loveliness. I loved it, and had I not stuffed myself silly prior to consuming it I would have gone back for another. Again well done, Sir.

The lovely gals in my media party, Kelly Neil (KellyNeil), Gabby Peyton (The Food Girl In Town), and Janet Green (Janetcetera) also really like the fried Pork Belly w/ smoked parsnip mash and brussel sprouts from Chef Live. I’m not a big pork eater, but the mashed potatoes and the brussel sprouts cooked in bacon were really really good! And the chef was adorable! He was cruising a mile a minute trying to get everything out on time 🙂 He was killing it! I think he would totally survive Hell’s Kitchen or Canada’s Next Top Chef!

For best booth display we had to choose Habanero’s Modern Taco Bar and their Gecko Bus! The sheer fact that they hauled the entire bus into the Cunard Centre requires applause, but the fact that we got a TOUR! I mean seriously this was way cool! I should also mention that the cleanliness of this bus is definitely worth noting! Holy hannah you could literally set up camp in that thing! Check out photos of us hanging out in the bus and more on Kelly’s blog re-cap blog post available here: Kelly Neil.com

Blomidon Estate Winery based out of the valley in Blomidon (of course) which I learned that local legend has it, that it takes its name from the sailors phrase of “blow me down”. Clearly known for it’s wines, Blomidon Estate Winery kind of changed the game with their sparkling red wine! It was a new experience for me, and I think most others in my media party. I’d never tried a sparkling red wine, and I have to say I kind of liked it! 

PMA also stole are sweet tooth’s! Despite not reaching this booth until the near end of our tour and being completely full to the brim,
we still devoured our little mini chocolate cakes with various icings
on the side . I tried the dairy free with butter cream (which I believe
was some sort of peanut butter amazingness), but oh man oh man it was
good. And I think gluten free (but don’t quote me on of that). 

The runner up for best dessert for me would be these Salted Caramel Cashew Clusters from Gabrieau’s Bistro in Antigonish! My one regret is that I wasn’t able to take one (or maybe a dozen) home with me! They were like a fresh local salty caramel version of a Ferrero Rocher which is actually my favorite chocolate.

If you get the chance to check out this event in the future please do! It’s absolutely worth it! There’s such a perfect balance of food and drinks that you will want for nothing, but more room in your stomach! The Savour Food and Wine Show concludes the eDinning tour for this year, but stay tuned for their events next year. Don’t forget all these places are just in your back door,  or a quick car ride away, so get out there and try them! 
Sincerely thanks to the folks at Savour Food and Wine for having me! And thanks so much to the lovely gals I met at the event, it was so fun sharing this experience with each of you! 

Happy Tuesday! 
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