Though vastly different than Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, these incredibly comfortable slippers are a game changer when it comes to indoor footwear. Handmade from start to finish with a very rare type of wool, and designed to be worn barefoot: these little booties are easily my new favorite! If you’re looking for something super cozy to wear at home indoors all year round these slippers might be for you.

What looks like the cozy liners of boots, Glerups uses “tumblers” allowing the slippers to dry and shape in a gentler fashion, so they are more ergonomic and comfortable.

Made from 100% natural wool, Glerups include approximately 8% of Gotland (rare variety of wool) making the Glerups durable, yet light-weight and breathable; ultimately keeping your feet comfortable and cool without overheating.


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In order to ensure there would always be enough Gotland wool for production, in 2012 the Glerups family had 100 sheep shipped from Denmark to their farm in Romania. The sheep now live there year-round and are sheared twice a year. Kind of cool right?!

The folks at Glerups abandon the idea that more layers means more heat, Tim Stacey explains: “Despite being worn with bare feet, Glerups are still able to keep your feet warm, cushioned, and comfortable”. And the best part is they don’t absorb odor, so if you or you have a S.O. with stinky feet these could be a great option.

These adorable little slippers are available in sizes for men, woman, and kids. Glerups come in three varieties the slip on, the shoe, and the boot (as featured here). There’s an array of earthy colors from purple, brown, teal, gray, black and RED! To check out more styles and sizes visit Glerups Canada. Glerups are available locally in Halifax at Soft Moc.



Before we get into this can we just for a second appreciate their beautiful raw edge? I’m obsessed.

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After sporting these bad boys around the house I can’t imagine wearing any other slipper again. To be honest I was a little weird-ed out the whole idea of not wearing socks (I’m a big sock fan), but on the other hand I did not want to jeopardize the integrity of the slippers. I decided to be a good girl and follow the guidelines and I sported the slippers sans socks! I’m happy to report I really actually liked it. My feet felt free (like they could breathe) they were warm, and yet still comfortable.

It’s kind of funny actually because while I was giving them a test run around the house my boyfriend kept asking me what they felt like on my feet. It’s honestly very difficult to describe because it’s not really like anything else, but I know for sure I like it. If you’re used to wearing sock it’s a bit of adjustment but for someone who’s feet are always cold, and our floors have concrete underneath them so the floors are also cold my feet are 100% happy in these slippers.

The slippers are SUPER soft, and so it feels like you are walking on cozy little clouds. Although I really would have liked them to be just slightly more narrow (I realize I am the exception here). But the boot style really is best scenario for us narrow footed folks, as it helps to actually keep my feet inside the shoe! YAY! It’s all about the small victories people. The width should be perfect for most others; there’s plenty of wiggle room in there for your little (to-wide) tootsies.

We also need to talk about their super cushy not-slip sole because it’s pretty AH-mazing! For someone like me who trips over herself on a regular basis these slippers are great because they don’t (pardon my lameness here) —make you slip! And they are nice and soft so they don’t make a lot of noise around the house.


The material is not itchy (at all) although you would think it would be given that they are made of 100% wool, but they are actually very very soft! So all you preconceived notions of your dads old wool socks throw them out the window because these slippers are nothing like those!


Oh AND! Did I mention these slippers are self cleansing? Yeah major right?! Who wants smelly old slippers? No one. The answer is NO ONE. So how it works is that the woolen fibers are actually waterproof and sweat proof! They work best when worn against the skin, so set those feet free people!

UPDATE: I’ve had these slippers for YEARS and they still look and feel great. We recently just purchased a pair for my boyfriend we love them so much. Definitely worth the price when you think of CPW (cost per wear) I wear these slippers every single day, and I still love them as much as the day I received them.

Hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or tweet me @shortpresents and I’d be happy to get back to you!

Happy Thursday!







*please note these slippers were gifted, however, as always all opinions expressed are my own.

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  • Reply Janet December 4, 2018 at 4:00 am

    Regarding the Glerups review- I’m glad you mentioned the width of the Gleeup booties, as I too have narrow feet. Were they true to size otherwise? I typically wear an 8, sometimes an 8.5. Should I expect to order a EU 39 then?

    • Reply shortpresents December 10, 2018 at 4:37 pm

      Mine were true to size!! I got an 8 🙂 and that’s what I usually wear in boots and sneakers

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