Get Ready With Me: Products I Use For A Night Out On The Town

People ask me all the time what products I use for a night out, and they are always surprised to know that a good makeup application doesn’t always need to break the bank! I am the queen on combining high and low, and so today I am taking you through all the goodies I use to put together a good night out look so you know where to spend your dollars. Get your notebooks ready blog reader it takes village haha just kidding !


For a good night out on the town you want to make sure you are putting your best face forward whether you are looking for a super glam look, or just an updated polished day look these products should get you started on the right track. As you can see from the photos above I play around with different looks depending on my mood,  and/or the event, but some of these products I use never change!
When planning a night
out on the town I always start out with some freshly washed hair.
There’s something about the fullness of clean hair that I can’t seem to
get away from. For my hair I keep it pretty simple, and opt for some
soft loose curls, and so I usually only use a light dose of hairspray
during and after curling my hair. I really love Redken – Forceful 23. I
love the fragrance, the lightweight spray of an aerosol can, and it
actually works to hold my loose curls and doesn’t weigh my hair down. Stylist tip: spray
upwards from the bottom. 


After hair is taken care
of I usually go for a great face primer to prep my skin before a night
out. I love Cargo’s Blue Ray primer. This product is being discontinued
at Sears in my hometown, so I’m kind of sad about that, but this is what
I use.  

After I’m good and
primed I go for a good foundation to even out my skin tone. When it
comes to a lot of my make up I am definitely a Lancôme girl. I love their
products and very rarely do I deviate. Recently I’ve been loving this
very clever two-in-one product, the top part acts as a concealor to
cover up dark spots and/or blemishes, but the ingredients within the
makeup actually helps to reduce dark spots from the skin permanently: BOO YA! The cover twists off and the bottom portion is a foundation, and contains the same ingredients to help reduce dart spots over time 🙂 You know you are going to wear your foundation you might as well pick one that’s going to do some good for your skin at the same time!
For blush I love and am addicted to “Rose Romantique” made by Lancôme. I apply it to the apples of my cheeks to add some color and warmth to my face! I love this blush and it has some serious staying power! I wear it day and night 🙂


Eye makeup – I usually
go for some bronze colors or something with some shimmer. I love using
loose powders, but be careful they get messy. I use one similar to this one (below) that I’ve had
forever made by Lise Watier. The shade I have is slightly darker, but it also has some staying power. If you get any on your face or under your eyes just sweep your conclear brush or some loose powder and it should take care of the mess. Remember q-tips are a girls best friend for cleaning up any makeup errors 🙂 just don’t stick em in your ears!

To up the drama for going out I do some a good set of false lashes – I love these ones by Mac. The best way to apply fasle lashes is to put the glue on the lashes, and wait! This is a hardest part because it feels like you should be putting them on right away, but you want the glue to get tacky because otherwise they will slip right off your eyes. Usually I blow on mine a little bit and then apply them. Start with the corner of your inner eye and work your way out. I find the outside areas of your eyes are where they pop up the most; if this happens take a q-tip and put some glue on it and gently apply it to the lash again to make sure it sticks. If you wear contact PLEASE be careful I had a girl at dance glue my eye shut temporarily and it was terrifying.
I typically apply some
eye liner to my upper lash line and wing out the corners (slightly) and
apply a good coat of mascara over the lashes to help blend the look and
the false lashes with my own. I don’t use a lot of eyeliner so I use one that I received as a gratis from Lancome. 

I don’t always opt for lipstick (especially when I’m going crazy with the eyes), but when I do doll up my lips it’s typically lipsticks that I’ve received with gift purchases over the years with Lancome. I have been VERY smitten however with Revlon’s Just Bitten lipstains as of late. I love their staying power, and I also love the large crayon applicator! They do not dry out your lips and they come is a bunch of fun colors! I would recommend these to the moon and back I am smitten! My go-to color all summer was “lovestick”, but now I’m on the hunt for a juicy red or wine soaked one!
So now the hair is did
and the face is put on, the last thing to do is sprtiz on a great
fragrance! You might want to try this new one from Calvin Klein appropriately labeled
Downtown”. The fragrance combines fresh green pear dewy watery plum and
rich Texan cedarwood and velvet musks: its a win for downtown adventures! Check it out here
So pop open that bubbly girls because it’s time to go out! Believe it or not I can actually pull this entire operation off in about an hour 🙂 my hair tends to take longer depending on what I do with it! Now you have all the tools, so there’s no reason you can’t pull over a great glam look. If you liked this post and would like me to address any other beauty questions please comment below or tweet me @shortpresents ! I have a sis in the biz, so I can hit her up with questions any time! 

Hope you enjoyed getting ready with me! 
Short Presents
*this post was sponsored by Calvin Klein, but all opinions expresses are my own

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    Thanks for sharing Kayla! I love hearing what other people use for products! I'm a fan of the Revlon Just Bitten as well.


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