Gothic Romance

Currently gushing over Gothic romantic make up! I am not a twihard or twiheart what ever the term is, but I am loving this look! 

I have compiled some things to think about when you are sporting a bold lip 😀 

Remember when sporting this look you want to strive for balance! Do not overload your eyes with heavy liner or glitter, but try to keep eyes natural so that the lips are the focus! 

When sporting a bold lip always be sure to exfoliate them well before hand! A toothbrush or some sugar should do the trick. You want to remove any excess, so that it doesn’t flake off and mess with your look later.

Conversely you will also want hydrate your lips, so that your lipstick doesn’t crack! I love my eos lip blam I purchased at Target in Boston. 

You could use a pencil, but just MAKE SURE IT MATCHES seamlessly! I don’t bother with a pencil, but I do trace my outer mouth with concealer and primer, and powder to help create a barrier. I use the activating primer from Cargo Cosmetics (similar to the one featured below) and I really like it; it is super light weight, absorbs quickly, and hasn’t broken me out.
DO NOT use the mattifying primer it is leaps and bounds different from the activating primer.  

 Apply several coats of lipstick, and blot (close lips around tissue) and re-apply.

Once you’ve gotten enough layers take an end of the tissue and pull the sheet apart so you have two pieces of tissue. Take one sheet and gently place over your mouth (works best with your mouth open) and take a powder brush and lightly brush translucent powder over the tissue and your mouth making sure to cover the entire surface of your lips. This trick will make sure your lipstick stays in place all night, and also creates a great matte finish!  

Here’s a video you might find useful ! This lipstick tutorial is more suited for daytime, as the application is quite light and subdued. I’m more partial to the more deeper more intense shades lately, so follow these guidelines, but just apply more coats to create a darker finish. 


Also for another how-to video check out this previous post “Perfect Red Lipstick” where RachLoves helps you get the perfect red lip!

This bold lip look is great when paired with anything lace, leather, or anything brocade which I’ve noticed is all the rage this fall. As seen with this D&G Dress: 

LOVE LOVE Loving it! 
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