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Big Bags

Ranging from classic to crazy these luxuriously large totes should inspire even the lightest of travelers!

Featured Items: Brooks Brothers Extra-Large Tote, Henri Bendel Bright Pink Tote, Fendi Small 2jours Tote, Tory Burch Printed Tote,Victoria Beckham East/West Victoria Tote, Michael Michael Kors Stripped Tote.

Who doesn’t love a big bag for summer? With all the things you do in the run of the day it’s not always plausible to be able to sprint back and forth to your place everytime your plans change. In the summer months I like to fly by the seat of my pants, so this usually means I tote a fairly large bag. 

Sometimes it gets so bad for me that I even have a little purse inside of the big one, so that I can leave the big bag in the car or where ever and just take out the small one. I know I know, it’s terrible for your back and I should need less yada yada yada I agree. 

Howeverrrrrrrrrr I am a very busy lady and I don’t have time for shenanigans so I typically opt for a large bag in lieu of allowing for more spontaneity. What are your thoughts blog reader? Big or little what’s your favorite bag?

Happy Saturday Blog Reader! Sincerely,
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