Aqua Rouge Makeup Forever: A Review

Photo c/o Mo (Miss Lion Hunter)

With the holiday season just around the corner, and plenty of events and parties to attend, you may find your self on the hunt for a great waterproof lipstick. There are many “super last” “long wear” listicks out there that promise to outlast your event, but in my experience many of them fall short (no pun haha). So when I received some samples of Makeup Forever’s Aqua Rouge in the mail I was pretty excited to put them to the test.
Aqua Rouge is a 2 step product with double-end packaging consisting of 2 bottles connected by a black metallic ring. Available in 12 colors, each shade of aqua rouge corresponds to a shade of aqua lip. The photo above was snapped of me at the first anniversary party for Fashion East, and I am wearing aqua rouge in number 10 (Raspberry), but I also love number 8 as well! 

Points of Interest:

Nothing is worse than sipping on your bubbley at a party leaving more lipstick on your glass and teeth than on your lips. You should be more concerned about the words that are coming out of your mouth at an event rather than worrying about whether your lipstick has faded or smudged. Having not been familar with this product I kept asking my good friend Mo how my lipstick looked or if I smudged it at all. To which she would respond that I had some on my cheek or my chin, and I’d instantly fall into her trap and panic only to realize that she was only kidding! She’s a hoot isn’t she? Actually my lipstick hardly budged at ll and I only had to do a few touch ups through out the night!

Wand Size
The applicator was probably the biggest selling point for me with this lipstick! I love the size of the wand; it is much more narrow compared to a tube of lipstick, and so it really helps you create a seamless look. I have very small lips (especially my upper lip), and theory would say for me not to wear lip color at all because it will only draw emphasis to this fact, but I say! Pish Posh! I’m doin’ it anyway!

Weighted Base Coat
The weighted base coat of this lip color helps reinforce the color to your lip ensuring the longevitiy of the pigment. Reading the side of the label, they do suggest waiting for the base color to dry before adding the top coat, so I did this as well. You could wear it alone too if you wanted a matte finish, but I didn’t find it stayed on as well without the top coat. Make sure not to get any of the lip color on your teeth while the color is still wet because when they say long wear they really mean it and your teeth are no exception! Of course that would only happen to a fool (yes it happened to me).

Top Coat
Adding the top coat is similar to what you would expect when you do your nails; it helps to give the whole look a nice lacered finish. I like the top coat because it helps to moisturize your lips so the lipcolor doesn’t crack or crumble.

Anyway so if you are interested in a long lasting lacre lipcolor you should give this one a go! 

Happy Thursday ! 
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