12 Days of Sparkle

!2 Days of Sparkle

During the holidays I implement a little tradition I like to call 12 days of Sparkle! (See this previous post). Everyday for 12 days I like to wear at least ONE item that sparkles! With choices like these featured above it’s easy enough to do.

1. Sequin Dresses / Embellished Necklines
2. Sequin T-shirts 
3. Sequin Skirt
4. Embellished Hair Accessories 
5. Sequin Shorts
6. Glittery Shoes
7. Sequin Clutch
8. Statement Necklace
9. Embellished Bangles 
10. Embellished Earrings
11. Sequin Bandeau (For the very bold) 
12. Glitter Nail polish! 

Remember to spread out your sparkle! Pick one of these items at a time and keep everything else super basic! What’s your favorite sparkle piece blog readers? I love them all, but I never tire of a great sequin clutch. Tweet me your favorite sparkle pieces @shortpresents I’d love to see what you come up with!

Happy Sparkle Saturday Blog Readers! 
Short Presents

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