How to make kale chips

We all crave a little crunch in our lives from time to time, and instead of heading towards the potato chip look for a chip that packs more nutritional punch like a kale chip! I mentioned this in another post “The Perfect Fall Soup”, but in case you missed it. Here’s an easy way to get some kale into your diet. Simply remove the
leaves from the stems and toss with olive oil, garlic, sea salt, and
cayenne pepper. Lay (single layer) the tossed kale on a baking sheet to
make kale chips. Make sure they aren’t touching each other (Libby), so that they get super crispy rather than steamed. 

Don’t forget that Kale’s BFF is Lemon (as seen above) anytime you pair a green leavey vegetable with a citrus you are going help the absorption of the nutrients especially iron!

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