Fashion Friday: Outfit Inspo Recap

Incase you missed it, an outfit posts recap with a few extras thrown in from here and there.

If you follow me on pose, or on twitter you’ve probably already seen a few of these extra photos, but I thought i’d throw some of my favorites in there for fun, and to give you some extra ideas.

Starting top left: Stripped Orange shirt, Nautical Skirt, Tribecca Bridge Dress,
Step Up and Style Contest, Lace Print Dress, Grey Mix, Orange Maxi and top knot, Bracelet turned necklace by attaching the bracelet to a necklace chain, Peplum top (What I wore to the Reginald Magazine Launch), nautical tommy socks, Red head band I made specially for Canada Day.

Currently very busy, but taking plenty of photos! Check twitter and pose for updates! Plenty of Fashion Friday Outfit Inspo coming your way soon.

Happy Friday,

Short Presents.

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