No Heat Spiral Curls

Last week I posted a video for curling your hair with no heat using a headband, but unfortunately it was not for the long haired ladies! Don’t think I forget about you girls! Here’s an adorable video with a little gal with super super long hair that achieves super adorable spiral curls with no heat!

She sort of reminds me of myself when I was younger (had I had the guts to post videos on youtube at her age). When I was in elementary school I used to sleep with curlers in every night because I wanted my hair to be curly when I woke up for school the next morning. For a long time sleeping in rollers was the only way I could curl my hair, funny how things work because now it’s the opposite.  I’m constantly resisting my frizzy messy waves! We won’t even talk about Dominican 2008.

I love the idea of not having to put heat on your hair, and this get up and go look!
Two thumbs up for this little cutie 🙂

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