Tips For Hosting A Stella & Dot Trunk Show

Curious as to what your responsibility is as a Stella and Dot Hostess? Or maybe you’re just curious what you should do better next time? Below are some suggestions for hosting a stellar truck show!
Hosting a trunk show is really fun, and there are many perks as well! Free jewelry being one of them! But also it’s fun to play dress up in some beautiful pieces even if you can’t afford to give them a permanent home. What I love about Stella and Dot is that they always have promotions, and plenty of high to low items, so you don’t have exclude anyone.

Over Invite
The more the merrier! You will note that not everyone you invite can make it, so it’s best to over invite by roughly 2/3, as about only 1/3 of the people you invite will actually show. 

Keep The  Food Light
You want to make sure that people have their hands free to play with the jewelry so cocktail style and appetizers are best! I did a few different dips and cheeses with baguette, various crackers and homemade pita chips (recipe here).

Do Wear The Pieces
Being a walking billboard is great for your guests to see what the pieces look like on, or how they could possibly be styled. Keep your outfit simple, so the jewelry is the statement. I wore the Tempest necklace and bracelet! It was divine!

I had a lot of fun hosting, and I would for sure do it again! I think next time I will host during the afternoon just to switch things up a bit! If you’re interested in hosting a party you live in the Halifax area be sure to message Amy Malbeuf she was really great and would love to assist you. Amy can be contacted by email at Amymalbeuf@hotmail.com!

Happy Thursday Blog Readers! 
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