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Fashion Friday Look of the Day: Floral Skirts 

Okay okay! I’m busted! so I’m not in Paris, but I did purchase this skirt a couple years ago while I was touring around France. Believe it or not, this skirt has given me a lot of trouble, I’ve been struggling to find the perfect shirt to go with this busy skirt for quite some time. I knew it needed to be a solid color, but everything just felt so plain, and unglamourous in comparison to this fun skirt.

First I tried a simple white tank, and I scrapped it because it felt too undone. I tried another cardigan, but it was off white, and didn’t match. I tried a simple long sleeved white shirt, but it reminded me too much of dance class and the skirt felt more like a tutu. Finally it dawned on my to wear my pink cardigan! The over-sized bow detailing at the top was just enough to balance the busyness of the skirt, but not too plain that it felt like it didn’t go with the ensemble. I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found something to wear with this super fun skirt. What are you thoughts blog reader?

Happy Friday

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