Sock Bun Essentials

Video Tutorial + Perfect Products = Sockbun Success

I am OBSESSED with the sock bun! I love having my hair off my face and pulled back into a neat little bun. I made a sock bun donut, but I found I kept unraveling it, so I just went to Claire’s and bought a hair donut for less than $5.

I have really REALLY long hair, so I got the smaller size; you can gauge the size/color according to your hair and texture. Make sure to match your hair color to the donut to ensure seamless camouflage. I really like the texture of the store bought donut, as I find it to be a bit rougher, and so it holds my hair better than my makeshift donut, but the sock might work for you, so I’d try that first: it’s cheaper!

I typically wear a sock bun after I have worn my hair down for a couple days without washing it. TIP: It’s easier to work with hair that has not been freshly cleaned when doing up-do’s. I usually re-straighten my hair around my face to get rid of any extra fly aways, and then rub a pomade product in between my hands and over the front and of my hair (especially around my hairline and ears) to help keep all the hair back off my face and into a secure high pony tail.

I use the Fructis “Surf Hair” product as I find it doesn’t make me look like a grease monkey with super slicked back hair. When it dries, it dries naturally, so it just looks like my hair happened to like going back into a pony tail. It’s all an illusion ladies!.

After putting the pomade over my hair and before putting the elastic in I flip my hair over and comb all my hair into my hand, so it that it is smooth in the front and back going into the pony tail elastic.

I love these no slip grip elastics by Goody; I use them all the time for dance, and they really help keep my pony tail from sinking when I’m leaping across the dance floor.

Once my hair is up, and secure I then put the donut through my hair and pull it almost to the end. I wrap the hair around the donut tuck in the excess. Using both hands and pushing with my thumbs, I push the donut up while pulling my hair down over the bun until it gets to the top if my head. I then secure the bun with a very thin elastic, or bobby pins to make sure it doesn’t come loose.

I go to work at 630 am, and work all day and my hair still looks the exact same when I get home! AMAZING!

Happy Saturday Pretty Girls!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend 😀

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  • Reply Melissa Wright April 1, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    I need to try this! Thanks for posting!

  • Reply Short Presents April 2, 2012 at 11:07 am

    No worries! It's super easy!! You should totally take a picture when you do!! I'd love to see it.


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