Smith’s Bakery

After an evening out on the town with my fellow dancers, I was in rough shape after coming from an appointment the next morning. I hadn’t slept a wink the night before, and got up immensely early to get to there on time. All the coffee and red bulls couldn’t pull me out of this funk. I’m not as young as I used to be; let’s just leave it at that. After a night of dance classes, followed by the rest of the night dancing at the club I was in desperate need to a calorie boost, and where other to get that than a bakery?

Bakery Style Veggie Pizza w/ Aranciata San Pellegrino 

Walking down Agricola I stumbled upon Smith’s Bakery, I’d walked passed this shop numerous times before, it was mental note that never came to fruition. I walk in to the modest little mom and pop kind of shop and immediately I felt a sense of relief; this was exactly what I needed.

The woman working behind the counter offers to take my order. The words try to make it to my mouth, but something gets lost and I stutter that I need more time. I decide on the veggie pizza, for under 4 dollars, this meal met both my price point, and my taste buds. I took a seat on one of the bar stools and admired the view from the window. The smell of freshly baked bread filled my nose, while warm delicious pizza filled my stomach.

Established in 1932, Smith’s Bakery offers european influenced baked goods from full fondant cakes to squares and biscuits, they offer montreal smoked meat sandwiches (hot and cold), and freshly baked pizza prepared daily, as you can see above.

You can check out their menu here: Smith’s Bakery and Cafe Menu

They also serve breakfast, and coffee (no espresso for fancy lattes). The coffee is ‘Just Us’ brewed coffee for those of you Haligonians reading this post. Don’t expect someone to pour it for you, as this coffee is self serve. When reading up about Smith’s Bakery on yelp some people expressed their frustration, as this “was one more thing they need to do in the morning”, but really it is not the end of the world to extend your arm to pour the coffee into your own cup, you’d probably do that with the milk anyway. Some people. 

I’m really looking forward to coming back and trying the Montreal smoked turkey sandwich, maybe even this weekend. 

Au revoir mes chéries 

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