Arthur Elgort

I have a few passions in life, and they include fashion, and dance. When those two things come together it’s like i’ve died and gone to heaven. Below is the work of Arthur Elgort, noted photographer, especially known for his work with Vogue. 

“Elgort’s 1971 debut in British Vogue created a sensation in the Fashion Photography world where his soon-to-be iconic “snapshot” style and emphasis on movement and natural light liberated the idea of fashion photography”. Elgort attributes much of his style to a lifelong love of music and dance, in particular jazz and ballet.

After surviving a stroke recently while at the doctor’s office, we are happy to report that he suggests he is back and stronger than ever. Below are some examples of his stunning work.

 I was more famous than Kate Moss at one time, not anymore” – Elgort


“I’m curious, I’m a photo fanatic, but I’m also a people fanatic.. I love my job” – Elgort




For more go to: http://www.arthurelgort.com/siteNew2.swf

Looking forward to attending the “Live Art Dance” production tonight being put on by Mocean Dance Company at the Dalhousie Arts Centre. http://www.moceandance.com/en/home/default.aspx

Happy Saturday

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