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Anyone who has gone to Alexander McQueen exhibit in NYC knows what lines for these things look like. Save yourself the trouble and the back ache, and enjoy the museum in the comfort of your own home. Obviously nothing replaces seeing and feeling the real thing, but this is kind of like a video game meets couture fashion. 

“Valentino Garavani, his longtime partner Giancarlo Giammetti, and big-time Hollywood actresses Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman were on hand in New York at the Museum of Modern Art this week to announce the official opening of another, less traditional museum: the Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum, a free downloadable desktop app documenting 300 of the designer’s most iconic creations, as well as the stories and the people behind them”.

In one of the clips in the virtual museum Valentino stands with a model and explains the intricate detailing and the overall construction of the dress the model is wearing. The model goes through a series different dresses that represent different time periods for Valentino. Valentino talks about when each dress was created, it is interesting to see how clothing can be so representative of a time period.  The dresses are almost a comment on society for the time they were created. 

The model ends wearing a classic “Valentino Red” dress that he has become so famously iconic for, the model suggests that the Valentino Red is not your traditional red because it’s much brighter.  “The secret to the Valentino red is a hint of orange”, who knew? 

Valentino talks about the bow on the snake skin dress, and suggests that he has worked with many bows at the waist, on the bottom, and it becomes clear that he just seems to know exactly how to embrace everything that is feminine. What speaks volumes for Valentino’s work is that he never goes overboard; there is a simplicity, yet classic sophistication to his dresses, as he says “I let the dress speak”. 

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The photos above were taken from when I was in California last year, and we took a road trip to Vegas for the weekend. This is the Valentino store located in the Forum Shops. The dresses were absolutely stunning; I still can’t believe I didn’t try one on. I literally walked around the store in awe, I felt the fabrics of every single item in the store. You can feel that you are in the presence of greatness. 

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