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Fashion Friday -“Outfit Inspo”

Looking for a go-to outfit for day-to-day or the weekend? Notebooks aside, this is one of my go-to outfits. It is super comfortable, but looks pretty sharp and all you need is three items! 

3 items to succeed in putting together a causal preppy look.

1: A button down shirt 
H&M $35


2: An oversized cardigan 
Mod Cloth  $59.99

3: Narrow Pants 

= guaranteed casual preppy look. 

(1) A button down shirt (preferably w/ vertical stripes it will elongate your torso and upper body). Fitting your bust is probably the most important part; you don’t want any pulling or tugging here because that will make your outfit look sloppy, and also make you look bigger by making you look like your clothes don’t fit. Fit the body you have, and not the body you want because dressing too small actually makes you look bigger when things are digging in, and creating lumps and bumps that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

(2) Make sure your cardigan is big enough to fit another longer sleeved shirt under it; you don’t want to look like you have sausage links for arms. Play around with different colours and patterns; there are SO many incredible styles of cardigans out there from ones with rhinestone detailing around the collar to full blown sequence cardigans. My only real suggestion if you are layering with a button down shirt is to make sure that your cardigan is close the same length or longer. I find this yields a better figure flattering look.

(3) You can do anything on bottom really as far as pants go, but I like a skinny jean because the shirt with the sweater is kind of bulky, so you don’t want too much added to the bottom otherwise you’ll look like a meatball. If skinny jeans aren’t your thing, opt for a narrow boot cut pant, or one that fits your widest part and goes all the way to the floor. If you are really daring you could tuck your shirt in, and add a belt! love it.

You can dress this outfit up or down depending on your shoe choice. You can go sky high with heels and a pulled back ballerina bun, while adding some bling to create a dressed up preppy look.  Or you can go caus with a pair of flat boots and a pony tail.

Happy Friday Fashionistas!

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