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Grilled Vegetable Panini – to die for

In between a dress rehearsal and the Dal Dance Society year end show, I needed something quick to eat that wasn’t going to stick to my ribs and interfere with my performance. It’s really a tough call because you are starving, and you know you need a lot of energy, but then again you are also wearing a body suit (yikes). I opted for a grilled vegetable panini and a skim milk, and it was the perfect combination to get me through the rest of the recital.

Food: At Pete’s Frootique they really know their customers, and they know that in Halifax, and Bedford people are becoming increasingly more concerned with where their foods are coming from, and so they try to accommodate as much as possible by bridging the gap.

Price: The food at Pete’s is going to be a bit more pricey, and the important thing to remember is that they are an independent grocery store meaning they do not have the supply and demand that the bigger grocery stores have like Superstore, and Sobeys.

The service at Pete’s in my experience, is typically above and beyond. The people at Pete’s are passionate about what they do, otherwise they wouldn’t be working there. It is my understanding that the pay scale is around the same, so it is just a matter of preference that they work there. The staff are more than happy to accommodate you in your needs, whether that’s showing you where to find your beloved Luna bars, or cutting you the teeniest slice of cheese for your sandwich.

Atmosphere: At the Pete’s Frootique (Dresden Row location) they have a seating area located upstairs designed to accomodate for the To-go salad, sandwich, and panini bar. It is more of a cafeteria style, so don’t expect fine dinning, but if you are in a hurry to get a quick bite in between meetings: this is your spot.

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