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I’m totally obsessed with my tinted moisturizer from Marcelle Cosmetics. I have to admit I am typically a Lancome girl, but when it comes to summer I really like a tinted moisturizer. Since my tan never lasts there’s no point in spending more than 50$ on foundation that’s probably not going to match my skin in a couple of weeks anyway. 

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I like this hypo-allergenic one by Marcelle because it gives just enough coverage with added moisture, and a bit of SPF. I don’t know about you, but my skin gets hella dry in the summer months, and I don’t like wearing weighted foundations when I’m sweating. This one rings in at about 10$ at Walmart, so not a bad price for something just to carry you through the summer months. I still apply an oil free sunscreen under this moisturizer because SPF 15 is not enough; my skin doesn’t mind the added hydration. 

Face sunscreens I really like: 

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I can’t stress enough how important sunscreen is, whether you are preventing wrinkles or preventing cancer: it’s serious. The younger you start the easier it is to make wearing sunscreen a routine, and prevent skin cancer.

So many people neglect to wear sunscreen because they don’t see immediate damage; it’s important to remember that sun damage happens slowly over time in most cases, and just because you can’t see anything doesn’t mean it’s not there under the surface of the skin. Sun damage can start at anytime, so even if you are in your teens or early 20s you should be wearing sunscreen to prevent any damage years down the road. Sunscreen is cheap ringing in at around 15$ a bottle, whereas fraxel laser treatments can cost you more than 500$.   

Remember specifically to apply sunscreen to your nose, ears and around the mouth; these are the most common places people get skin cancer because the skin is so thin, and vulnerable. 

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