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With Spring comes Spring cleaning. After giving away 3 enormous bags of clothing there were a few pieces I couldn’t bare to just give away; mostly because they’ve just been so recently purchased. I’ve shrunken in size, so the pieces I’ve deemed as classics would be such if I didn’t shrink. A few of these things are actually my favorites and it’s hard to see them go, but they just aren’t working on my body type. They are all in excellent condition, but I plan on moving soon so i’ve decided to let them go for fractions of their original price. 

If you are interested in any of the following items e-mail me at Shortpresents@gmail.com and specify in the subject like “Shop Your Closet” so I see it right away. 

Roxy Jacket : 35$
Purchased at City Streets (Park Lane Mall) for 125$
This fiery vixen could be yours for just 35$ It’ll make a statement all on its own. 
With the simple over sized buttons you can literally match any scarf or shoe and not feel overwhelmed. 
It’s structured through the back, so it’s more form fitting then it appears here; putting this jacket on takes your outfit up a notch. 
Size M/L

Jacob Connection Beige Trench: 30$ 
Purchased at Halifax Shopping Centre for 75$:
I just bought this jacket just last fall and I fell in love with the length, 
as it just seemed perfect stopping at the hip. 
It’ll help you show off those legs this summer, or your flowy skirts 
(if the rain ever stops). There are also belt loops so you can pull it in closer to the waist.
size: sm
Purple Velvet Blazer: 20$ 
Originally purchased for 100$ at Gap (Halifax Shopping Centre)
From the outside this is your basic structured blazer that’s perfect for fall, but what makes this jacket interesting is when you remove it to see it’s vibrant magenta lining. Reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld. 
Size 8

 Hounds tooth Jacket: 20$
Wool Jacket purchase at Winners originally 60$
This one needs to be dry cleaned so I factored that into the price. 
I’m willing to negotiate price with this one. 
Size: M 

Pattern Blazor 15$
This jacket is SO comfortable, the way it hugs your arms it feels more like a sweater than a jacket. Looks great with jeans or a pencil skirt. 

Parasuco Grey Denim Skinny Jeans: 15$
Paid 35$ Winners. 
These jeans are literally like new I’ve maybe worn them twice. 
Again they are great I just don’t fit in them anymore. 
Size 28 waist 32 inseam

Super Trendy Rubber Boots 10$
Original price 30$
Truck the Halifax mud in style with these boots from Spring. 
Size 6

Purple Velvet Kitten Heels 20$
I don’t think I’ve even worn a more comfortable shoe. Originally I bought them because they appeared to be narrow, but they aren’t as narrow as the pencils I have for feet, so alas I am selling them. I’m almost positive I paid over 60$ for these shoes at Winners. It’s been a while so they look a little dusty lol nothing a little lint brush can’t fix. 
Size 7

Prices are negotiable, so don’t hesitate to attempt to barter with me.  
Send inquires to shortpresents@gmail.com

Haven’t gotten to the purses or dresses yet, more to come soon. 

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