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“You can expect it to fight cravings for 1-1.5 hours, depending on the contents of the meal consumed, the effects of increased fat metabolism in the liver can extend more then 3 hours after a meal” – DrOz.com. 

Invite your friends from upstate to come eat salad for lunch; that’s what Marcel would do. Having a big salad for lunch can help you reach your fruit and veg intake for the day by fulfilling at least 3-4 servings. Pairing your salad with a red wine cocktail (non-alcoholic) will kick it up a notch and can actually help to keep you fuller longer. 

California Salad

Simply combine mixed Greens with craisins, almond slices, red onions, and top with mandarin oranges. The juice from the mandarin oranges combined with the sweetness of the craisins allows you to hold the dressing. 

The protein from the nuts here will help fill you up, and repair much needed muscle tissues. Also the vitamin C from the mandarins help you absorb the vitamins like iron from the greens. The more color in your diet the more range of vitamins you are absorbing into your body for energy and repair. Try mixing up your lunch hour with a variety of different salads. Be sure include some kind of protein (lentils/chickpeas/beans) to keep you going throughout the afternoon. 

Red wine cocktail:
 Mix club soda (sparkling water) with 1- 2 tbs red wine vinegar. 

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The red wine vinegar helps stabilize blood sugar levels and helps keep you fuller longer. Any kind of vinegar when eating meals will have this affect, but adding just a tbs to club soda makes for a great alternative to your diet soda. 

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