5 Minute Face

I’m going to the mall do you want to come with me? – a voice calls out. “Sure mom!! just give me a sec” – I answer. Okay go put on your face then and let’s go.

If you are looking to learn application tips, and what works best for your skin tone etc. Give this book a go; it’s very straight forward, and includes advice on everything from moisturizer to eye shadow. The instructions are simple, and the photos are beautiful.

On amazon you can purchase this book used for as little as 5.00$ and let’s face it; you know you’re spending more money than that on makeup anyway. Check it out, and learn some tips to shave some time off your morning routine. 


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  • Reply styleonthecouch May 5, 2011 at 3:10 am

    You know I have no idea how much time it takes me to apply make up in the morning! I have to find this out, and will report back!


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