Touch of Lipcolor

Bright Lipcolors for Spring to look for are OrangeFuchsia, and Poppy Red. Depending on your skin color you’ll have to choose accordingly. If you still aren’t sure a good rule of thumb is to press your thumb into your middle finger and test the color on your finger tip. If the color looks to fake on your finger tip then choose another shade that is closer to that color. 

I naturally I have quite pink lips, so anything neutral is out of the question unless I’m going to put foundation down first then apply lip color on top, but that’s too much work. 

Opt for a color that is close to your color, but a bit brighter for sunny spring days. 

Fair skin: Fucshia

Alexis Bledel is always stunning with those icy blue eyes, but here she’s working the Fuchsia lip color, and it looks great with her skin tone. 

If you have fair skin, opt for Fuchsia lip color(with a blue base)

Olive skin: orange

For olive skin tones choose orangey pink colors, or if you have dark eyes and dark hair, orange will add a great contrast to your dark hues. 

Dark Skin: Poppy Red

For darker skin tones you want to make a stronger contrast, so choose a poppy red lip color. 

use your fingers to smudge the lipcolor into your lip, blot with a tissue and reapply for long lasting wear.
Thin lips: opt for a tinted gloss it will add volume to your lips and just enough color. 

The last and final thing to remember with lip color is, if you are playing with color on the lip make sure to keep the eyes toned down a bit. You always want to pick one feature to play up at a time otherwise you’ll look over done. 

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