Fashion Friday

Photo cred: Leslie Carter 

Chuck Taylors
When I think of Spring I think of skirts that blow in the wind, and blouses that hug your waist. Usually those outfits require a certain kind of shoe, and often times they are not very comfortable. Every now and then I think the Chucks need to be taken out for a walk. Right now I am in love with my white Chucks, there’s something about a white sneaker that represents spring time. I feel like every year I buy a variation of a little white sneaker, and this year it has manifested itself as Chuck Taylors. 

The snow is gone, and as a result so is the knee high slush. The concrete will soon be bare, and the puddles will evaporate leaving a nice clean slate for WHITE SNEAKERS!

I bought these shoes at a Converse outlet store in Las Vegas for a fraction of the price of what they are sold in Canada. I remember being in the store (which was packed with people) and there were two small children being fitted for chucks: green and pink. They both sat patiently with smiles on their faces while the sales associate laced them up; it was adorable, and neat that shoes can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.The photo above was taken when I was in California walking along New Port Beach. Ah… to have my feet in the sand again. 

longing for summer,
Happy Friday

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