Vibrant Yellow Mini

Who made this big mess? …. oh right that was me when I tried on EVERYTHING that is available for purchase at Forever 21. Now it has been rumored that we may be getting a Forever 21 in the Halifax Shopping Centre. If this is untrue; please don’t break my heart and dispel this rumor. I actually really like this store; it’s kind of like an H&M in pricing, but a bit different in style. I spent over an hour just in this store alone trying on all sorts of clothing (as you can see from the dressing room floor). They sell everything from edgy faux leather pieces to whimsical floral dresses. Above is my latest crush: the yellow mini

I’m not sure if it’s the recent sunshine in Halifax lately that is getting to me or not, but I am absolutely crushing over the color yellow lately. After shopping my heart out in California I am seriously looking forward to sporting my new wardrobe in the sunshine. Currently in my yellow phase; I seem to want to touch anything and everything that is bright or vibrantly colored. I love this skirt from Forever 21 and the preppy little shirt-sweater. Although it is too cold in Halifax currently to bare extremities; I am looking forward to the warmer weather, and this week has given me hope that it’s not too far away. This Sunday the clocks go back and we lose an hour, but we gain an extra hour of sunshine added to our long work days. 

Here comes the sun Halifax,

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