Jean’s Restaurant

Food for two for the price of one

Yesterday I found my self with a bit of extra time before meeting a student for a tutoring session, so I decided to grab a quick bite at Jean’s Restaurant on Spring Garden. I’ve ordered their take out before, but I’d never actually stepped into their restaurant. I walked in around 6pm (early dinner for me) and it was packed. Voices filled the small space and laughter carried me all the way to back to ask for a place to sit. The woman kindly moved some things from a non-customer table so I could have a seat. She was very friendly and even brought me a paper to read since I was dinning alone. 

My order was quickly taken, and I sat patiently for my meal. Located across from where I was sitting was a small nook with a computer where the woman working was punching some numbers, and responding to phone calls. It was busy, but don’t let that lead you into thinking that this resto skips a beat; they’ve won for best Chinese for four years in a row by Coast readers
I ordered the combination number two with a vegetarian spring roll. I like to ask for the sauce on the side I like to have control over how much sauce goes on my chicken, sort of anal that way. The food was delicious and very inexpensive for the amount I brought some home for leftovers 

Sitting waiting for my meal I obviously can’t keep my ears closed if I tried, I eaves drop on a conversation the female staff member which I want to believes name is Jean, has with another employee about a potential “jingle” for the restaurant. She asks if the male employee is familiar with the Casino Taxi song, you know 429 6666 and he responds. She suggests that it’s catchy and so it helps you remember their number, so you call them. She tells him that a man from Los Angeles as recently in the city and he came up with a song, and she plays it from her blackberry (very cool). She then assures him that it’s not cheesy advertising because he clearly seems like to like run things the old fashioned way, but she kindly suggests to him that it would be good for business because people would always remember the number. 

If you haven’t gone to Jean’s yet I’d give it a go. 


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