Grown Up Tuna Sandwich

When you think of a tuna sandwich you might feel like you’ve been thrown back to sitting at the lunch table in a sea of smelly children either at daycare or at elementary school. I’d like you to revisit that awkward time leave the awkward feelings and bring back the tuna sandwich.

Packed with protein and omega 3’s this sandwich has the potential for sophistication.  I know you’re thinking a tuna sandwich gross I hated those mushy things. However, gruesome your childhood lunch experience, I invite you to tweak the tuna sandwich a little bit just by changing a few simple ingredients and you might find you actually like them. 

To make you will need:

  • Whole wheat bread (Oat and honey is super yum)
  • Tuna
  • Mayo (Helman’s 1/2 fat works well)
  • Spicy pepper medley
  • pickles
  • celery 
  • lettuce
  • red onions
  • olive oil (ideally from Estia)
  • Rice crackers


What do you think can the tuna sandwich grow up and act like an adult, or is it destent to live a life between grimmie fingers and a runny nose? 
Tuna sandwich yeh nor neh?

  • pop two slices of bread in the toaster
  • drain tuna, use a fork to mix up in a bowl, set aside
  • cut veggies
  • mix tuna, veggies, and mayo with a little olive oil 
  • spread a small amount of olive oil on one slice of bread
  • spread the mixture on the other
  • top with lettuce and cheese (if you like)

I’ve recently been told that crunching up salt and vinegar chips is pretty tasty, but I didn’t have those so I tried sesame rice crackers, and the crunch factor actually was really good. So if you’re feeling it, give it a go, if not they make a good side 🙂

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    what an amazing review!

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