Winter is the worst on our hair whether it’s breakage, thinning, or itchy dandruff our hair can be a mess in the cold months. Today I stopped by CTV to chat with morning host Katie Kelly to chat all things hair! Don’t worry if you missed the segment I’ve linked it and some the items I featured below:


If you’re having trouble viewing the segment click this link > CTV Healthy Hair Tips with Halifax Blogger Kayla Short.


Moisture Without the Weight.

I love the Densifique Line from Kerastase that helps to strengthens and protects your hair. It also contains Hyaluronic acid, and ya’ll your scalp is your skin you need to also make sure you’re hydrating it too. You can read more about the line here.

Tangles Be Gone.

We all know our hair is the most fragile when it’s wet, but how do we get the tangles out if we don’t brush it?? I’ve been using the Wet Brush for years, and it’s a game changer. The flexible bristles gently make their way through your wet hair making sure not to cause unnecessary breakage. The Wet Brush is available locally at Glamour Secrets (Halifax Shopping Centre).

Forget Everything You Know About Hair Dryers

Okay where do we even begin with this beautiful piece of machinery. Okay first of all the Dyson Supersonic is stunning to look at, but it’s also got a lot of power. Super quiet it packs a punch, with three settings for heat, and speed I love that you can customize it to your specific hair needs. The Dyson is definitely in the upper range when it comes to price, but for something you use every single day on your best accessory your hair I say it’s worth it! Also it cuts your drying time in half, and who doesn’t want extra time on their hands?

Your hair is never more fragile than when it’s wet, so if you’re going to style your hair you should NEVER EVER EVER braid it, put it up, tie it back etc because you’re going to cause breakage.

We have this idea that heat drying our hair is bad, but studies actually show you’re better off to dry it with the hair dryer than let it dry naturally because it’s more at risk when while it’s wet.

Get a great hair dryer and you’ll not only save time, but your hair will look better than ever! to learn more about the Dyson Supersonic and it’s game changer motor technology that not only protects your hair, but cuts your drying time in half visit


Hope you enjoyed today’s segment. Thanks so much to Katie Kelly and CTV Morning Live for having me what a way to kick off the new year. Stay tuned for another segment coming next week. I’ll be recapping the Golden Globes with Ana for the A-List on Monday!!



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  • Reply Samantha Kwiatkowski January 4, 2019 at 5:50 pm

    So many good tips Kayla! I’ve been wanting to try the new Dyson hairdryer for forever. They look so good and Dyson does everything so well!

    xo Sam

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