Weddings are pretty much quintessential to summer here in Atlantic Canada, I mean it definitely is when we have the most reasonable weather. But with the warm weather, causal backdrops (so many aren’t getting married in churches anymore) it begs the question: what do you wear to a summer wedding?

Think About Your Venue

Will you be outside? Are you in the city? On a beach? All of these things dictate the type of dress you can choose. I tend to match the fabric of my dress to the venue: the more formal the wedding the more formal the fabric. Makes sense right?? I also love lace because the texture is great for camouflaging any trouble areas, and any spills that can happy through out the night!

This lace off the shoulder dress from Le Chateau is an anywhere dress, you’ll get so much use out of this dress you’ll be so happy you bought. In a beautiful shade of lilac, and fit and flare silhouette it’s timeless and classic and will suit any skin tone and body type.

Buttttttttt, if purple isn’t your thing, this off-the-shoulder dress is also available in black! And girls you can totally wear black to a wedding, but just make sure you to keep your makeup and accessories fresh and bright as to ensure you’re exuding happy vibes.

Wedding Earrings

Have Fun With Accessories

You need somewhere to store your stuff, whether it’s your phone, lipstick, and some cash you need a clutch of some sort. There’s nothing worse than seeing a girl in a beautiful dress, with beautiful hair, and shoes, and then she’s holding onto a massive purse that completely distracts from the look.

When looking for the perfect clutch for a wedding think small and discrete, and please only pack the essentials. Trust me your shoulders, and your significant other (who will end up with it) will thank you.

I’m obsessed with this beautiful pearl clutch from Le Chateau, it’s equally elegant as it is edgy (my favorite combo), and with it’s convenient ring it makes carrying it a breeze!

Because my dress was off the shoulder and with this beautiful neckline I wanted to make sure that things didn’t get too busy, so I opted for earrings instead.

These dangling pearl cluster earrings, similar to the clutch are elegant and edgy, and with statement earrings at the forefront of summer accessories trend they couldn’t have been more perfect. Shout out to the sales associate for helping me find them in store (guys this is why we need to make sure we’re shopping in store).


Off-The-Shoulder Lace Dress, Shoes (similar), Clutch, (shop similar here), earrings c/o Le Chateau.

Wedding Shoes

Consider Your Footwear

You are going to be on your feet for a longgggggg time, and if you plan on ripping up the dance floor those puppies need to be ready to rock. I cannot emphasize this enough, you need comfortable shoes, and you also need to be practical about it too.

Is the wedding on a beach? Outside on grass? If either of these are the case avoid a stiletto heel like nobody’s business because you will be sinking all over the place.

I recently tested these Cream Colored Block Heels from Le Chateau at a wedding, and guys I’m in love! Sturdy, a reasonable heel height and a neutral hue these shoes couldn’t be more perfect for a wedding.

Avoid Anything Too Bridal

No one wants to upstage the bride, so while you can totally wear white to a summer wedding it’s important to wear it in small doses or in fabric that don’t look too bridal. To be safe I’d say avoid anything that’s both lace and white.

Now let’s chat about the fellas! Once you get yourself sorted here are some tips to help the man in your life 🙂


Navy is Always a Safe Bet

Black can be so severe, and serious, and is better suited to business functions rather than a wedding: navy is a much more flattering choice.

And if you really want to make an impact opt for a lighter sharkskin blue for an even more summer appropriate look! Navy is a neutral so it really makes it easy when choosing your accessories bc it pretty much matches anything!

Le Chateau suits

Opt for a Lighter hued Tie

On the topic of avoiding looking too corporate opting for a lighter tie especially important if you’re wearing a dark suit (navy, black etc). Feel free to have fun with it, you don’t need to match your dates dress like prom, but feel free to explore all the colors of the rainbow to show off your personality. Travis opted for soft texture gray tie which was in the same color palette as my dress, but not exactly matchy matchy.


Tropical Wool Blend Suit, Shirt, Tie, Pocket Square c/o Le Chateau.

Consider Fit

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS the most important thing when it comes to suiting is fit.

When it comes to suiting you really want to make sure you’re suit fits. It needs to be just right, if your suit is too big you will look sloppy, and likewise if your suit is too small you’ll also look bigger.

What’s great about Le Chateau is that they offer slimmer more modern men’s suiting which is definitely more complimentary to a younger demographic. So often when men purchase suits off the rack they purchase them wayyyyyyy too big, and when they aren’t made slim to start they are just swimming in them.

Le Chateau offers an extra 2 inches on both the sleeve length of the jacket and the pants, so if you’re slim, but tall you have the option to let out the hem for a more custom fit.

There’s no excuse fellas Le Chateau not only makes modern suits, but they are also affordable! Definitely a win/win.

Fit Your Chest First

When it comes to your shirt you really want to make sure to fit your chest first because you can alter the rest.

If your shirt is too tight in the chest you will be tugging at it all night long. Make sure it falls flat against your chest, you’re tucking it in anyway but you can tailor the rest.

Don’t Get Too Hung Up On “The Rules”

It’s easy to get caught up in “the rules” but it’s also important to remember that your accessories should support the overall look, and your personality so have fun with it.

In this case we opted for a black watch, sunnies, and shoes to tie in better with the navy suit and gray tie. Then of course we had fun with the pocket square!

Think about the accessories you want to wear: watch, tie, pocket square, and then choose your shoes and belt to bring it all together.


We both had so much luck with our wedding looks from Le Chateau we really can’t say enough about them as a destination for all your special event looks! From modern suits that are easily tailored, to timeless dresses and accessories you can wear again and again.

Hope you found this post helpful, and have so much fun at all your weddings this summer!!










These items were gifted from Le Chateau; however all opinions expressed are our own.

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    Love seeing all your wedding events on Insta…beautiful! xo

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      Fun fact: I may have dragged him into being on a billboard :):) Thanks so much lady for following along it’s been quite the magical month of weddings, and there’s still more to come! Stay tuned. xx

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