I grew up in a small town, and while I love the city there’s part of me that is always at ease when I’m away from the hustle and bustle. Naturally my outfits reflect that, so when I’m off exploring you’re not going to see me in red lipstick, a tutu skirt, and definitely not heels!

Don’t get me wrong I love serving up full glamour realness, but I’m also equal parts jeans—&—t-shirt kinda girl as well. And I can’t lie the older I get them more I’ve relaxed into that style of dress more and more. Call it laziness or call if confidence: either way it feels good.


The trick to balance comfort and style is to find your basics and just make sure they fit. Below are some tips for fuss—free dressing that’s still very stylish.


pick a statement piece

This faux leather jacket has been a staple for the entire summer. If you follow me on insta (@shortpresents) you’ve seen it once of twice. I don’t think there’s a single day when I didn’t wear it. Anyways obsessions aside what’s fun about it is clearly the embroidery, because it instantly adds visual interest, but it also fits LIKE A GLOVE.

always consider fit

These destressed denim jeans (from Old Navy) with their patches add some texture, but there also quite fitted and stiff so they don’t tend to wrinkle as much thus ensureing a more polished look. Which when you’re driving around in a car all day can be a major win.

when in doubt wear a hat

While I wish most of the universe would embrace hats we’re still not quite there yet, so when I was wearing this hat the people who served me a drink at a local distillary thought I was a European tourist lol! I grew up in Cape Breton lol! BUT there’s something about wearing hats that people still seem to really take note. Also it’s a great way to disguise a bad hair day which let’s be honest is any lazy gurls M-O.

wear whatever the heck you want

The key to all of this really is just to wear whatever the heck you want! When you’re comfortable and your clothes fit properly you’re not going to figiting or adjusting your clothing all day long. There’s nothing worse than feeling like your skin is crawling because things are just rubbing you the wrong way and trust me others will notice.


what i’m wearing

jeans, old navy

jacket, Forever 21, but also spotted online at urban planet

hat, envy clothing co

shoes, chucks via soft moc

watch, c/o daniel wellington

shirt, j. crew


Hope you found this helpful. What are some your favorite ways to marry comfort and style??


I’d also like to take a second to wish my dearest photographer (and boyfriend) a Happy Birthday!!! Couldn’t do it without ya



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  • Reply Samantha September 29, 2017 at 11:25 pm

    Such a great hat and such great style tips!!

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