A few months back I attended a SUPER fun event with Samsung at the beautiful Fox Harb’r Resort (see video diary here), and after playing around with the phone throughout the trip, and learning about all its amazing functions I fully fell head over heels for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

And I know that a lot of you following along on social media wanted some feedback after switching to, and using, The Samsung Galaxy s8 for a while, so I decided to create a blog post for you.


Switching is super easy!

You can transfer data from your old device (photos, videos, contacts & more) in minutes with the Samsung Smart Switch App. Being a blogger you might be surprised to know that I’m actually not very tech savvy but the Smart Switch App helped me carry all my favourite memories to my new phone with ease. I’ll be honest I was blogging before I even really knew what a blog was, so if I can do this you can do it!

Click here for more information on how Samsung Smart Switch works.

And despite all the hecticness of prepping for a press trip with Porter Escapes (see full post here) I STILL managed to switch over to the Samsung from my iPhone in time for my trip to Ottawa! And boy was I glad. It really allowed me to capture the best content 🙂


Because my job brings to me ALL over the place I really need a phone that’s reliable. The Galaxy S8’s advanced 8-megapixel front camera with Smart autofocus and 12-megapixel Dual Pixel rear camera capture outstanding low-light, zoom and anti-blur photos with enhanced image processing so you can preserve every moment in vibrant, clear colour – and with IP68 water resistance, you can even take on the rain.

That’s a lot of information all to say that the Samsung Galaxy S8 takes INCREDIBLE photos (front and rear facing), can take photos even in the worst conditions (hello low light performance) and AND it’s even waterproof. So rain or shine (which let’s be real Halifax has been SUPER rainy this summer ) I know I can rely on my phone to capture quality content regardless of the situation. I don’t know about you dearest blog reader, but I plan on hitting the beach a lot this summer, so

I’m definitely taking comfort in knowing that if my phone gets a little wet it’s no biggie!

Edge to Edge Screen

The Galaxy S8 features a stunning Infinity Display that extends end-to-end, forming a completely smooth and continuous surface for an completely immersive viewing experience. I’m obsessed with the edge to edge screen especially considering I spend A LOT of time on Instagram (I mean let’s be real I’m addicted),  and watching videos, so not having images or video be surrounded by a black box is like next level expereince. And the vibrancy of a Samsung really just can’t be revilled.


Click here for more information on Samsung Galaxy S8.

Customizing Content

Other perks I really love from my Samsung Galaxy S8 might seem little, but make all the difference especially when you share as much as I do. I know I might be too old for this, but I love the built-in options for face filters, and stickers you can add to your videos and images. I like that I can customize my photos and videos in different ways, and I can really get creative with them.

If you love the snapchat face filters you’ll love the ones from Samsung. Here’s a funny video I took during my flight to Ottawa.


I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S8 for about a month now, and I have to say I’m just so happy I made the switch! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out I’d love to hear from you.







*This post was sponsored by Samsung, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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