Call him what you will, but Kayne’s clothing is more in demand than ever. And while a cool $895 for a pair of boots might set you back more than you’d like, Vlogger Shay Cherise has come up with a super easy DIY to recreate the look for less, and with the help of some socks from Soft Moc I decided to do the same.

It’s actually crazy easy, all you need is a pair of socks, scissors,and pointy-toed heels. And if you’re concerned about slipping simply pop on a pair of anti-slip grippies like these (link here). You can also use the anti-slip grippies to prevent you from slipping, as well you can fold any access of the sock so it hugs even tighter if necessary.


Here’s how you get the look. Pop on your pointy toe heels, and slip your socks of choice over the heels. Carefully slip the sock over the heel, and align the sock, and cut a small hole to allow your heel to pop through, and the sock to perfectly hug your ankles.

Soft Moc sent over a couple pairs of socks to try, and you can experiment with whatever look you’re going for, so I decided to show a couple options. The wool socks are super cozy and so great for the cooler weather, and these thinner socks or trouser socks might great for the weather right now?

Here’s a link to more options >

And that’s it! Not bad hey? I mean these socks are SO much cheaper than an $895 pair of boots, and you likely already have a pair of pointy toed heels poking around.

Hope you found this DIY helpful. Be sure to check out Shay’s video on her Insta or click here !


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  • Reply Heather Laura Clarke October 18, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    I had no idea sock boots were a thing — that’s how fashionable I am! 😉 Great hack, though!

  • Reply Zoë October 19, 2016 at 2:25 am

    These are so cute but really these cozy socks I just want to wear on their own all the time because, honestly, I’m a little sock-obsessed! (When you’re not very fashionable but really like socks…)

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