I don’t have a maid, a housekeeper, or any of those fancy names for people who clean or tidy your house. Truth is I have to clean my own sinks, toilets, and bathtubs all on my lonesome. Yep, it’s not glamorous, but those are the facts, my friends. Which means my nails go through the ringer, and some, so if I want to keep my nails looking somewhat presentable (and stay that way) I need a nail polish that can withstand all of that and some!

Recently I received some CND Vinyl Lux Nail polishes to try, and having used some of my friends shortly before I was pretty excited.  I hosted a spa day at my place for a bunch of my girlfriends, and we did manis, pedis, face masks, hair masks your name it, and I’m not even kidding I only just had to remove the polish from my toes. IT’S BEEN SO LONG.

Colors included here : Pink Pursuit, Aqua-intance, Desert Poppy, Lavender Lace

While I’ll admit polish on my toes does last a substantially longer time than my fingernails I’ve been going to beach, and outdoor yoga, so they’ve been put to the test too.

The polish I applied here lasted for a little longer than a week, which by my standards is AMAZING. There was some slight receding at the top (which is normal), but because it’s a dusty pink you could hardly notice it.

Overally I’d say my impressions were that the polish was easy to apply, I liked the conistantacy, and it lasted longer than my regular polish. I mean that’s kind of the trifecta of nailpolish goals right?

I also loved #CNDRescueKit! Which included a top coat, cuticile oil, rescue treatment and the scrubfresh (which dehydrates the nail for extended wear and seamless application. I seriously felt like I was at the spa (well minus my filing because no matter how much I try I can never get it right)!

For realz though. The top coat alone is worth the purchase I’ve even used it over other polishes and it extends their wear as well.

For more information about the brand click here > > And to find a salon near you click here > LOCATE | CND

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